Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Rez Day

Yes, well it was Friday and I am a lazy blogger. Nevertheless it was an awesome day. we had a wicked cool party at the school. may cool friends and guests. Received awsome presents from some dear people I am fortunate to call friends, several I have known from my earliest noobish days in sl. Later went to one of my friends very cool club and danced and was just weird fun crazy with my close friends.

Yes I know I promised to give more details about the life of escorting (no I will not name names or pour out graphic details) but its late tonight and I am tired so this is just a teaser -something I am told I am good at - suffice to say for now, although I never planned to get into this line of work, I have found it liberating, educational but mostly fun. This is afterall, a game and games are suppose to be fun. I'm learning to keep the morbidly depressed, mean, spiteful, angry and serously disturbed people at a distance. Too much fun to be had to waste my time with them, when I could be hiking in Nepal, surfing the waves or hitting the slopes. All in the same day!!!!!
Okay, more to come, I promise. hers my latest experimentation in SL self photography - I guess it's not bad because I'm getting requests for profile pics and such to be done.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Enjoy this Holiday!!!!

Just this as I experiment with SL photography. It has been a very good week. Caught up with a couple friend I hadn't talked to in a while, set up my new SL home (a lovely Napoli style beach house) that still meets some of my prim whore need (1200)..It's awful, when i use to be so happy with 200. It's an addiction I swear!!!
Aaaah yes, I havent mentioned how I pay for all this in SL.
I hostess and escort at the Cherry18 Girl's School and Clubhouse, run by Lolita McAllister, who I am so happy to say is also one of my dearest friends in SL.
I also do some modeling on the side and have been able to make a very comfortable place in sl for myself.
But-I must dash family is gathering, turkey's are in the oven as well as other yummy goodies.
I promise to be a bit more informative on my SL life next post, but lets just say for now, SL sex can be a fun and lucrative past time!

Monday, November 24, 2008

For Starters

I hope to blog some of my experiences in Second Life, some good some bad, dome funny some sad, some curious and some just plain weird.

I started in Second Life not really knowing what to expect, but know I was really tired of Yahoo, AOL and MSN chatrooms and A/S/L, and all the other nonsense. especially with the persistant attempts to invade my life. Myspace and Facebook were not much better and quickly degenerated into daily onslaughts and requests for nude of embarassing pictures and not much more.

So the pixelated virtual world of SL seemed a nice way to get away from all that. That was my thought anyway. Sadly it hasn't been all true although it has been easier to maintain some distance while exploring new ideas and worlds.

It has continually puzzled me that so many people want to blend this virtual world with their real life and after seeing disasterous results when these have collided time and time again with marriages breaking up, cyber stalking and personal information posted, I have become more and more convinced to keep my real live (aka RL) out of SL as much as possible.

A few very close friends in SL know a bit about me and what I do outside of SL and they are satisfied with that and dont pry, either because they accept my boundaries and or just really dont care and just want to have fun. That is why they are my best friends in sl.

I've blithered on enough for a preamble to my blog, so we shall see what becomes of this.....

Just Catching Up On Some Reading

I am still around just been busy.