Monday, December 29, 2008

Have a Hectic New Year?

So so busyand thus I apoligize, yet again, on neglecting my little forum here.

GSC is thriving and the number of applications I receive daily from girls wanting to work there is daunting. We have made Some special additions to our family which add more variety and flavor to the most discriminating of tastes. The expected "slow down" hasn't really slowed me down at all and I have been as busy as ever, so I have little to complain about....other than well, the use of ZOMBIES...or alts to falsely manufacture traffick on sims.

This seems to be getting way out of control. People using 50, 75 or even 100 alt accounts to make their traffick numbers look desirable so they can charge people to rent shop space for essentially non-existant traffick. I am not a huge fan of greater regulations in SL but I believe LL needs to look into this, while it may not violate the terms of service what about their policy on use of alt accounts and misleading practices?

Some on sent me this picture..

showing how some will even attempt to drown their poor litle zombies. It would be funny, were it not for the fact that they use these inflated numbers to trick people into renting from them..

Meanwhile working out the kinks in the new SL viewer having to reset all my preferences so I will get half-way decent performance and yet good quality from it.

I hope to show off next blog my fashion fixation...the seach for decent looking non prim skirts.

I have manage to scrounge up a few...the first so generously provided by a brilliant designer free of charge even though it was a special request..a beautiful little creation that looks so sweet. Since then i have been foraging SL for others and I know have a few, while they are not yet my ideal they are still very nice and save worries on unexpected detaching of clothing.

I will try and find the time to get a few pics to show off my little treasures.

Okay...I had to throw this in...I am still playing with my photo editing tools and some people have commented on the nice job and i have even gotten some requests to do their profile pics. If I could find the time...


skat said...

I actually have been wondering why people set up 'camping areas' and what exactly they get from having increased traffic. Now I see! Thsi seems so so wrong!! Why not make their place interesting enough that REAL people will visit!!!

Cherry said...

One thing I know it does, the higher the traffick number, the higher they show on the search in SL so more likely, someone will see their location, bringing in the other traffick to shops, games or surveys that they are collecting money for...but I totally agree as the ones who "fake" their traffick and have nothing worthwhile to keep people coming back end up losing much more (IMHO).

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