Sunday, December 21, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

Just a quick note as I have been a neglectful blogger. Holidays have had me very busy and much to be done in SL as well. Exams and work as well as holiday shopping taking much time so when not busy as a little bee in SL, ther is much to do besides blogging.

The School is doing exceptionally well, to the point that I can scarcely keep up with the flood of applications we get every day from girls wanting to escort at one of the most fun places in SL you can work. This could also account for the dreary hanging on by some former employees that cast themselves out but cant let go and keep popping up to lurk about hoping for a pittance of attention they they must not be getting in their new pursuits. While this use to infuriate me, now it just depresses me that these pathetic people are so unhappy with the choices they have made but cant admit their mistakes. They even go so far as to send an occasional trouble maker to us. I guess they are so bored they think thats amusing. The greatest sadness in this is theyre efforts are not even as bothersome as a stubbed toe.

More importantly we have made some fantastic additions to our fabulous line up of beautiful and talented escorts. I have been receiving great support from all the girls, which I do so appreciate.

So while there are considerable slow downs in other places we continue to thrive. If I could control my shopping addiction and philanthropy, I would be very very wealthy by SL standards, even with some of my more well to do clients being very tied up in rl holidays and some rl economic slow downs. However that has never been the goal of Sl for me and the more people that are having fun, the more fun it is for me.

Business is steady, but more importantly we are having a blast. Spent most of last night with a group of the girls in an impromptu cheerleading practice. About 8 of us have picked up matching cheer uniforms and with my expert choreography whe went through some very hot routines. We we having so much fun laughing about our considerable precision moves. I was laughing the entire time.

So SL is good!!!!

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