Friday, December 12, 2008

"In caecus terrae, luscus rex est."

I know, I know.....It has been a while since my last post. All I can say is it has been one weird week.
Second Life does some strange things to people if they let it and the victims of some of it's craziness flew across my path on their way to the cuckoo's nest.
Some, were those that are apparently finding their new enterprises so boring and unsatisfying that they want to come back and loiter around the yard, supposedly too rapped up in their IMs to talk to anyone there, although their excuse for being their in the first place, is to visit "old friends". Well here's a flash if they aren't there or online...duh!!!! Move along. There are no more fan clubs thinking you are wonderful anymore. You've shown yourselves for who you are and just because someone has tolerated you that does not equal them respecting or even particularly liking what you have done.
The worse offenders coming back to haunt and still thinking they are so important or impressive that they can be rude, mouthy and openly disrespectful of the people that have worked so hard to make our little place one of the hottest little escort services. Sorry that will not be tolerated.
It does amaze me that some people are so clueless.
Some, have come, reaped the benefits of working with us or just visiting enjoying the company, hanging out and supposedly making friends. Then they got greedy and think, hey I can do this!!
So they try and start up some competing service, masking it thinly in some cases other blantent copycats, then when they fail miserably, which each has, they come crawling back and wonder why they aren't just immediatley welcomed back.
Maybe I can simplify it for all these clueless people in one phrase. Trust is earned!!!!!
The same can be said for respect. So when you come slithering back to GSC, after betraying the people that took you in, befriended you and cared about you, don't expect to be immediatley welcomed. You might never be welcomed back. But, if that is what you want, you better work like hell to try and EARN IT. You gave it up.
Liars, misleaders, deceivers, cons, attention seekers, interlopers, freelancers and cheaters bewarned. You shall reap what you have sown and there is no point whining, complaining and moaning about how unfair it is or how misunderstood you are. Accept responsibilty for how you have screwed things up and work to fix them or go away ...for good.
Sheeesh...I'm tired and ranting. I haven't even gotten around to friend(s) and former customers going mental. I need to save that for when I am better rested and more coherent.
Till then, suck it up and take a pixel prozac!!!

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