Thursday, December 4, 2008

Truth, Justice and The American Way

Yes dear readers, not only am I a mild mannered escort and hostess in SL I am a crime fighter!!

While out pursuing one of my passions, super bargain buys, I ran across a vendor selling stolen, hair and skins from some of my favorite shops, Laqroki, Deviant Kitties, Magika, Cake, Redgrave and others I didnt recognize.

Some other keen eyed fashion connoisseurs spotted these stolen items immediately (okay it wasn't really that hard, the person was really stupid and didn't even change the name of a couple of the items-the git) and we jumped into action. IMing the and sending note cards out to the owners and representitives of the shops being stolen from and informing anyone that stumbled in of the theft going on.

I have to say I was most gratified to find that everyone that came by was as outraged and disgusted with this silly twit's actions.

So beware copybotter's, thieves and cheaters out there there are masses of honest persons ready to turn you in, report you and hound you!!!!

Then the very next day, as I was milling about another favorite shop of some fine skins, I've grown attached too also, waiting and anticipating the new relases of a serious of skins I'm dying to try.

While chatting with one of the models and shop assistants I decided to try on a couple of skins just to see what they looked like. I bought the demo, but to my surprise when I put it on, it was no demo at all, but the actual skin all for 1L!!!!

Of course I immediately let the assistant know and sent a notecard to the shop owner, offering to pay the full price (I know but as I did rather like the look and may use it-I felt I had to make the offer).

Maybe this will give you a bit more of an insight to what I am about.

My first instinct is to treat everyone with fairness and respect. Overall, this has served me well.

I have a very comfortable and beautiful SL home, a couple of side skyboxes for other diversions (more on those later *wink*), I can buy most anything I want in SL when I want it, but more importantly, I have a number of wonderful friends.

One of my dearest friends and partner in primwhoring have plans for our own full sim to build the most gorgeous sim SL has every seen. The Holy Thorn we had created, that everyone raved about how lovely it was, serving as only the rough draft.

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