Friday, January 30, 2009

Another Week

..and just finished another rocking Friday party at the school. Cherry18 Girls School and Clubhouse,...there I've named it...has been busy busy and if you want to meet the hottest and most fun girls in sl...pop in. A relaxed fun place that I so totally love. Jammed the place so much, it made me crash in the middle of to love when that happens. Had a great fun crowd a couple of my longest best friends there (well one has to be hired her as DJ...Katt...but then she does an awesome job) as well as Lesh, who I've know practically since my first days in sl and remains one of my best craziest yet sane friends one could wish for....just dont get us into a shopping frenzy), Lesh has kept me sane through some of my roughest times in sl and been there for the most fun times too....Who could ask for more in a friend?

Got to scoot and hoping to catch up with my bestest love, friend just doesn't even begin to describe Arri..

She is the coolest girl in sl. Sweet, smart, crazy, smexy as hell. I can't decide whether i want to just chill and get crazy with her forever or jump her bones.....ok well truth...both!!!!

She always makes me you boo-cup!!!!!

Ok so now you know a couple of my friend's since my beginnings.....

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