Friday, January 23, 2009

Big Brother is Coming?

Ok I was reading another blog I am rather fond of and learned of this interview with Philip Rosedale chairman and former CEO of Linden Labs.
Aside from some of the technical questions of things to come, he made this startling prediction,

"We need to stop creating isolated areas that are age specific and, instead, look at how we can make the overall experience appropriately safe and controlled for everybody. So that’s the general direction that we’re taking there."
Full transctipt here

A safe and "controlled" for everybody. Aaaaaah what tangled webs we weave...when we put our trust in the Democratic Facists For Everyone's Freedom.
So apparently the direction to look forward too is we are to be controlled so our activities in SL are safe for everyone's tender eyes and ears.
It is a hallmark of of the Democrats vision, they wont say censorship, just we have to make this "safe". Facism in the name of protection is still facism, but for all you sillies that voted Democratic....that is what they do. Big brother has to protect you, me, them, everyone because we can't take care of ourselves. Someone has to step in and regulate it, control it, becuase we as individual people cannot be trusted with making decisions for ourselves. parent's can't supervise what they're children do so the goverment has to limit what we can watch on free television, listen to on the radio, what books the library should have on their shelves, because heaven forbid we might offend somebody.
So if your area or business in SL isn't teen and child friendly, you might seriously consider another line of work because Big Brother wants to "control" you.

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Lolita Empire said...

Dear to whom it may concern (LL),

The more you try to CONTROL me the less safe I am, and the less safe I feel, and the more I will do to live free and free others. And i respect you so much less, for you have earned disrespect from all free people on the earth.

Lindens, your morals are not my morals, your ways are not my ways. You had better hope that when the karmic tables are turned, as they always are, I do not decide to control YOU in a way that you do not like.

I follow the Golden Rule. Lindens, i am offering to teach you to be better human beings. Stop this puritan nonsense.

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