Monday, January 12, 2009

‘Curiouser and Curiouser’

“‘Who in the world am I?’ Ah, that’s the great puzzle!” Alice says after her sudden, disorienting growth spurt.

Apparrently I am picking up an unofficial following. I am starting to get hate messages on my blog. Now other than the one that I did publish (because they honestly had a good point...the pictures I had published were, frankly, bad) you wont see them published. This isn't going to be an anger or hate forum.

If you have something interesting to say (even if it is critical), I will respond as best I can, as it may help me or someone else sort out some of the problems that may come along in SL.

I know I have stepped on a few toes in SL as I am opinionated and I dont belive SL needs all the RL problems that some people want to drag into it.

So have something interesting to say or at least a point. I am already aware that there are some that dont like me, that's fine SL is like RL in that you can't please everyone and there is no point in trying.

So if you have nothing better to do with your SL or RL then try to bring me down, a piece of advice. "Non urinat in ventum"

and enough on that...till next time...I do need to retake those pictures of some of the best non-prim skirts I've found in SL.


Anonymous said...

i heard u're a older woman?

Cherry said...

Check you hearing, and your sources. Whoever you are listening too is clearly not reliable, but as you are clearly illiterate I suspect you are likely to believe most anything.

skat said...

I usually tell people this: Rather than say something nasty to someone, just walk away and find someone to whom you DON'T have something nasty to say.

We all have to live in this world (the real one AND the virtual one) together. Life is too short to spend time cutting others down.

So...haters move along...

Cherry said...

Thank you Skat, by the way love you blog. Been meaning to add a comment...funny and interesting....but I think the flashcards aren't available on Onrez anymore..I looked for them.. would have condiered getting them myself and doing some...creative editing :)

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