Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Prim or Not to Prim

Ok readers, it is time for a really important post about a critical Second Life concern......fashion!!!
If I haven't mentioned it already I have spent a lot of time in SL seaching for nice looking non prim skirts. Any girl who has teleported into a club or worse some PG sim and found their skirt missing can understand why this is important!!!

Nice looking prims skirts generally suffer from 2 flaws. 1. The have a tendency to make your ass look huge and no girl wants to suffer that in rl or sl. 2. The textures tend to suck-they look cheap like something you found homemade at a Goodwill or Salvation Army store.

So I have searched and searched and found a few that are (in my opinion) very cute and sexy.

This one, well you wont find anywhere in SL currently, as it was made exclusively for me by a rather brilliant designer friend. But if you want to see some of the hottest, creative designs in SL, check out Decadent Designs.
(Addendum) I'll take some new pics of the cute denim skirts I've found...but on second look...the ones I had, were really awful....My apoligies.


Anonymous said...

Ugly you are so ugly. Look like country bitch looool

Cherry said...

Haha thank you anon. If you were so confident I might take it serious if you weren't anonymous.

Cherry said...

Although...on second look...those pics were not good....ick...thanks. Won't repeat that mistake.

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