Sunday, February 8, 2009


So, I've had photoshop for...well forever and never used it as mainly Im lazy and haven't bothered to figure out new and bettter ways to picure edit than with my simple programs such as photoscape and

That was until Lolita told one of our marketing folks that I was a computer whiz and could make cut outs for an advertisement. she so lies I'm just occasionally blessed by far more computer literate and creative friends (thanks Arri, Lesh and Andrea-I couldn't have accomplished this without you).

So once they steered me in the right direction and some playing in photoshop, my obsessive curiosity took over and I'm loving it-even though I just *had* to go out and buy a 3000L new photo studio (thanks again Lesh) and now will be grabbing the 1500L camera option for better viewing and snaps....and hoping a nice rich customer reads this and helps a poor working girl out *grins*.

Well using myself as the guinea pig for test shots with the background I surrounded myself with Cherrylicious clones...that should scare some people LMAO. Thought this frightening image was funny.
Things are going so well. The school is active and the girls there are soo cool. Spent some of the week end at Katgor and Full Moon Saloon, two very cool places where there are such nice people and not a mean spirit to be found.
Ciao for now lovers......

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