Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Unexamined Life

Is the unexamined life not worth living as Socrates wrote, or as sung by Fiyero in Wicked, "why invite stress in?" stop studying strife and learn to live "the unexamined life".

Well at this point of the week of ups and downs, I think I am on Fiyero's side so:

dancing through life

swaying and sweeping

and always keeping cool

life is fraughtless

when you're thoughtless

those who don't try

never look foolish

dancing through life

mindless and careless

make sure your where less

trouble is rife

woes are fleeting

blows are glancing

when you're dancing through life...

So Ive spent that last bit of time doing what I enjoy. Dancing with "good" friends, setting up a most wonderful art gallery. The Unexamined Life.

I am still working on it finding some compelling and beautiful works for my love child.

But, you may ask, what about escorting? OH I dont think i would ever give that up, is fun. Some may scoff, but go ahead, I'm not trying to convince anyone that im right or they are wrong, just the simple fact. SL sex can be a fun outlet for crazy thoughts, urges and fantasies you wouldn't or couldn't pursue anywhere else.

One way I have found to keep me interested is I never ever commit to a client, unless I really feel into it and I have turned down, highly lucrative offers. Oh I love shopping and a customer's generosity certainly sweetens the deal, but I have gotten to the point where the lindens are not enough to get me "in the mood".

So I have fun and I think Fiyero might have been wiser than Socrates, when he sang,

life's more painless

for the brainless

why think too hard?

when it's so soothing

dancing through life

no need to tough it

when you can sluff it

off as i do

nothing matters

but knowing nothing matters

it's just life

so keep dancing through...

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