Sunday, March 15, 2009

Escort of the Year Contest

and for some reason i let myself be talked into entering...yikes. well it amounts to how much time and how much money you or your friends are willing to shell out, at 10L per vote and vote as many times as you like if i wanted to shell out 7K I would be in the lead, however i have better things to do then pimp my friends with slurls and tp requests all day. If anyone wanted to take up the cause....just donate the money to the the time and effort. I was drafted into it so good luck to whoever is really trying.

On a more fun note, I did get my Irish and Celtic exhibition up in The Unexamined Life Gallery, in Cardew. Its not a large collection, but I think the pieces are interesting as well as attractive. Stop by and have a look.

Thats it for now rest, relax and some rearranging of my music selections.

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