Saturday, April 11, 2009


Aside from stocking up on a number of skins from YourSkin, my relentless pusuit of bargains at Japanese sims and shops, playing with downloading wav files and playing with making some gestures. I Decided my SL home needed a makeover. So I contacted the Landlords added a few prim to my count (Lyllith, thanks for making me an official primwhore Princess), simplified the on the ground beach house (still cute and relaxing) and put up a lovely Tudor manor above it.

with the aid of another most talented builder, designer and gorgeous love...Sweet, decorated it. I plan to get a collection of pictures of some of the work that was done for it. I have just layed it out the real work done mainly by my new brilliant friend/designer/love, Sweet. Her use of textures blows me away. The biggest problem is now upgrading virtually everything so it is as be as nice as the things Sweet made for my home.

Oh school update: had a wonderful week at the school, although still missing one of our girls that is hopefully on the mend after some pretty serious medical problems, the parties both Wednesday and Friday were a blast. Our resident DJ Katt doing one of the best jobs not only providing music but also has become one of the Cherry18 family. we even had DJ Jolt return for a early daytime party and while it was a bit too early for me to attend still love having Jolt back with us.

Several of the girls have been tied up with exams RL (even I have had to be cracking the books more this go around), but as we are now so excellently staffed with hot, friendly girls, never fear, come to Cherry18 Girl's School and Clubhouse and you will find a smorgasboard of lovelys almost anytime now...and we receive new applications all the time, so adding still a few select girls, the latest happening to be not only firey hot and bright, but is another gifted designer of clothes.

I could brag on and on but it really is all about the girls.

A couple other recommendations. want to chill out with some fun people, liststen to a wide range of music and just plain be a bit silly even? Check out the Katgor Club. Now located in Cardew (same place as The UnExamined Life Gallery). Leave troubles, hassles and issues behind and have some fun with some weird but truely nice people. Dance, play trivia. It's a great place with low low stress. Looking for something a bit more Decadent? Total Decadence, the love child of the designer/owner of Decadent Designs, not only has new, funky, sleazy look to her shopping sim, but also has a Kickass little Club , The Full Moon Saloon. Again not a place to go to stress and worry because you will find people there just wanting to have a bit of fun in a relaxed, albeit very sleazy looking setting. It is brilliantly designed and laid out. The music rocks. Be sure to eplore this Sim, you will find shops and surprises around every corner.

Ok enough of my babbling drivel for now.

Get well soon Sarah!!



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