Tuesday, April 7, 2009

In Seach Of The Japanese Shops

Like this is a deeply guarded secret...I love Japanese Sims and shops, other than not having a clue what some of the people are saying, even with my newly updated Simbolic translator, I love the deign and feel, not to mention you can find some wonderfully crafted clothing at really low prices.
OK true fashion followers will find this news nothing new but for the less trained, I highly recommend exploring these sims. You can find some unique toys and gadgets and treasures of free items in nooks and crannies. It takes some time and searching around but it is worth the time invested, although I still have to wonder what I am going to do with the dozen or so tanks (tanks not tank tops) that I picked up in one out of the way shop...but they were free and well maybe I can use them for security.
Love to all my sisters at the school and especially to sarah still recuperating...Hope you have a chance to peek at the blog...Love you and get better soon!!!
and that's enough for now...

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