Saturday, April 18, 2009

Just A Little Something

Quite a remarkable movie. Buy it, rent it, see it!!!!

OOOH and I cannot forget to mention my dear sweet, friend Sarah is better!!!!! Sio Glad you are back babygirl!! Muah!!!
Great parties at the school, these are blasts not to be missed. So much fun.
Been busy working on some improvements and tracking down excess prims, a bit of sprucing up. Still waiting on the Linden's to see about the *Adult Continent*, such a pain in the butt if we have to move things around. But in talking with the headmistress, Lolita. If we must, we will take full advantage of this to make improvements so the school will be less laggy, more accessable and an even nicer place to hang out, visit, while maintaining the charm and look that sets us apart!!!
But enough on that, much to do and lots of applications to look over.
Also, you might have noticed, for some reason my playlist stopped working!!! Try readding it but nothing works, so rather than listen to someone elses selections check the videos, I post till this is resolved.

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Just Catching Up On Some Reading

I am still around just been busy.