Saturday, April 25, 2009

What to say?

Another rocking week at the school!!!
Quite a time with some super hot additions to the girls at school and I have been so busy. My new house set up and looking splendid, thanks in large part to one of the hottest builders in SL (Sweet, love you and you are the best). Added a bit of room so I could accommodate all the beautiful things and still working on the touches.
Been on a most ridiculous shopping frenzy and of course that means been busy having fun with escorting...mmmm yummy. Okay I have been fortunate this week with great customers...very very..well..."inspirational".
The parties at the school on Wednesday nights and Friday afternoon have been outrageous.
Just give me the strength to resist looking at the shopping blogs I have been following.
On the more serious although maybe overblown issue. The impending adult continent and age verification. someone get a message to the lindens to simplify the process for those in the EU and Asia. It was ridiculously simple to get my verification via either payment info already on file or lacking that last 4 numbers of social security number. So best advice at this point, if you have an interest in adult content, get it done. It is coming and better to be prepared. We have been in talks already to prepare the school for the changes with minimum disruption and maximum use of the opportunity to make our home more beautiful accessible and still keep the great look and feel that all have grown to love at Cherry18.
Yeah if we have to move it will be a pain but keep informed, keep aware and you wont get caught unawares. seriously don't get wrapped up in the paranoia and hysteria and fear. It's no more than a pain in the butt that the Lindens think will improve the quality of the experience. Much like all the bug filled upgrades, it will be frustrating and awkward, but it will settle out and life will go on.
Oh, the reason for the picture post...Some nimrod mad a comment about Hello Kitty only fitting for 10 year olds. Baaaah!! I saw at leat 1/2 dozen Hello Kitty items on campus in the past week alone....ugh that reminds me..more exams more studying, now I'm depressing myself. Enough for now.

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Lolita Empire said...

hello kitty is CUTE and it's here to stay!!! deal with it!!!

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