Monday, May 25, 2009

The Alternate Alternate World of Second life

Okay well clearing off a couple of important business items.
Still building on the new site for Cherry18, taking our time and making it right.
It is on a private sim so bah humbug to the "Adult" continent.
I still haven't completely restored my house after the auto return fiasco, however using it as an excuse to upgrade (and shop).
Which almost demands I give a plug to Magika. Sabina Gully has gone and done it. She has some kick ass red hair. Now either I'm a complete retard or the reds weren't available when I last breezed through there, buying up a few thousand lindens worth of hair (and that will get you a lot of styles as Magika has very reasonable prices).
After a long and busy week, I deserved this splurge (a true shopaholic can rationalize any spree...ooh look a shiney object..lets shop), which shot my wonderous budget. To paraphrase and old Jimmy Buffet song lyric, "I've made enough lindens to buy Miami, but I pissed it away so fast". I am so glad I haven't tried to make this a rl profitable work. I keep puting it all back into the silly game. But if you kind and generous souls would like to donate to the Cherrylicious Shopping Relief Fund, stop by The Unexamined Life Gallery, and drop some lindens in the donation jar.
Fortunately, I was able to add a bit of an upgrade to my computer, finally. Added some much needed memory and now runnin with 3 gigs and the improvement in performance was quite pleasing.
Then as I was pondering what to write here, I peeked at a couple other blog I like and skat in her her blog,, mentioned an alternate viewer she's been using.
It peeked my interest. I checked a few other blogs got a bit of information from some other blogs and reviews of it and was pleased to find that unlike Lesh's (my good friend) alternative viewer, it didnt require me to unload the current viewer, so I dove it and tried it out. After a bit of disorientation with the slight chages in layout and resetting some of my defaults. I was wowed by the graphics and the smooth of operation. Admittedly, this is a very early review, but i am duely imnpressed. Much better graphics, much less lag, fortunatelyly no unibrow (but had skat's tip handy just in case) and the crash monster didn't grab me yet.
I won't bore you with my own inept descriptions.
the viewer is by, Kristinlee Cinquetti. It can be downloaded here.
Some more helpful information here although it is talking about the S16 viewer and it has been updatedto S17-2.
I will not pretend to understand the technical side of it, but it works and it looks good and that's enough for computer klutz like me.
The picture posted shows the nice graphics pretty well and with no photo shopping necessary.
Okay enough babbling. Check the blogs I follow. They are really good. Skat is a much better at documenting experiences then I am, although i will try and get more pictures of the events and places I talk about in here. There are lots of shopping blogs but the Juicy blog is very current and informative.
So keep tuned for updates on the move and stop by and say hi.

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skat said...

Hey there, thanks for the sweet shout outs! So glad you're liking the new viewer! Lot of people were having some major lag issues this weekend and while I was having a little here and there, it was not so much as the people around me seemed to be having. :)

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