Monday, May 4, 2009


My apoligies for being a neglectful blogger. So much time and so little time and so little to wait..back up, reverse that...
The lead picture sums up my feelings this week. Oh not that I believe whatever activism it generates will change the course of SL events. I do hope if enough people get informed and register their complaints and problems, LL might at least provide more planning and support as well as work out the confounding glitches in their grand plan.
Age verification is still sufferring an unacceptable failure rate and LL will have to reolve this or give it up before they do have a revolt and this site becomes nothing more than a slightly more advanced game of The Sims.
I will recite my current mantra. Get informed, get prepared or you will have a nightmare on you hands. That advice extends to LL as well. Cherry18 will fare well whatever comes as we are ahead of the curve in planning and preparations.
While packing up and moving will be a pain and confusing for some at first, with the preparations we have already made, our traffic will suffer little and as long as we have the hottest, brightest and most fun girls you can find in SL...well people will always find us.

Ok enough soap boxing...sorry, have to rant occasionally.
Im not sure if I mentioned it last blog (and I am to lazy to look back), but I have been able to squeeze out a few visits to some of the live music venues.
Now, I do like the tribute groups and their concerts can be really fun, but I am speaking now about the true *live* musicians that are performing on SL.
Another Cherrylicious command, look these up, go and listen. There are some really talented people performing on SL now, so give them a listen.
And if you are into art There's the Unexamined Life Art Gallery, ownd by yours truely, which is well worth a visit (and a donation...nudge nudge).
Ok I do need to change the upstairs display, but I have been picky abut the pieces I find and want to display.
Currently searching for interesting, stimulating and slightly erotic pieces...will let you know when this is ready.
Alright enough for now, play nice in Sl and if you want to play *nasty* look me up *winks*

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