Monday, May 18, 2009


Seeing as our Headmistress Lolita McAllister has already revealed this in her blog, I don't think I am breaking any confidentiality in mentioning here...Cherry18 has found a lovely new site for the school. The pain and hassle of the move will be offset greatly I think by this sim Lolita has procured. It is in preparation stage now and pulling together some creative forces to build a gorgeous site, low in lag and keeping the very special feel and warmth of Cherry18.
Low lag new an improved an growing!!!!!
The LL need for the move is crap and foolish, but we will make this work to our advantage. A beautiful new school, maintaining the Victorian boarding school/prep school feel.
The possiblities are so intoxicating larger grounds with the same intimate greeting and socializing center, maybe even an athletic field where we can have more room for our parties and special events like head rushes and i can hardly wait to get back to working on making this the most beautiful and special place for all the wonderful friends I have made at the school to play, have fun and work.
Any Cherry18 gorl that reads this....You are central in our thought and making this an even better place for you. Guests you will be blown away (and maybe just blown) when you see what we are creating...keep following the information...It's cumming...soon!!

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