Sunday, May 10, 2009

Random Sillyness

Another quick post for those of you who have been peeking in.
Cherry18 had a distinguished visitor today. It was pretty good gun, however, I am not sure he appreciated my offer to stimulate his package or to intern under him.

In the meantime while wandering about found another unfortunate sight.

Unfortunate zombies forced to live in a crude box, all for the sake of making a place look like it actually has traffick. I say free the zombies!!!

Now I understand in some cases they can provide valuable services and that is all well and good.

Three or four programmed to do the mundane day t day chores is fine and practical, however stuffing zombies into a box to make it appear you are a popular place, no.

Anyway, the weather is improving and shopping for spring and summer wear is a daunting task, but I was able to fulfill part of my vow in finding a couple of cute japanese themed sims to shap from and the cloths blew me away and blew my budget, again!!

I'm a hopeless shopaholic....and come to think of it....think I will log on and check a couple more shops.

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