Monday, June 29, 2009


What the hell is the life of a pixilated face light? Just when I get settled in and comfortable with a face light, it then will start to flicker, take to long to “turn on” or go off unexpectedly. What is going on? Does the SL super glue stop holding it in place? Is there some sort of LL half life on lighting solutions that no one is talking about?
I am on probably my 6th face light since being in SL. Finding the CG face light solution flattering enough and offering on and off options and lighting options than can keep me flatteringly lit without arriving in a midnight setting and looking like the rising sun has arrived.

This week in brief review

Wednesday at Cherry18 we had our “Hump Day” Party with an Asian Persuasion theme.
As you can see our fearless leader Lolita really got into the spirit and decorated like crazy for the occasion.

It was so much fun. I hate to sound so simplistic in the description but it is the best description I have. I would like to toss out a special pleasure that since the relocation and work on the new school one of my favorite girls from the school has been spending more time in SL Annabelle! I am so pleased that I can call her my friend. Intelligent, beautiful, and creative only begins to scratch the surface.
This gladness is tempered though with the illness of one of my dearest friends Lyllith and if she reads this, “Take care of your self and get better soon!”

On to Friday I was able to make a short visit to Science Friday with my friend Susie

And then our weekend kick off party at Cherry18 and my turn to get into the decorating spirit for our “I Want To Be A Rock Star” party.

If I have not made this point clear enough, let me say it again. The parties at Cherry18 are so much fun and a great chance to relax and be silly.

Saturday and Sunday were pretty much dedicated to the people at Lightning Productions with a Wings Over SL concert on Saturday. I had to attend this as two of my good friends Cammy and Kenzia were enlisted as back up vocalists, so I could not miss that.

My pictures do poor justice to how great this show was. Even without being a fan of the music myself, the work they put into the production is impressive and the party atmosphere is a lot of fun to be a part of.

Sunday Pink Floyd brought splendid havoc to the GSC club and Cherry18 with another of their fantastic shows.

As long as I am plugging Lightning Production, I may as well add they are bringing the Blues Brothers show to the Katgor club Sunday July 5 so you will want to get there early.

For Appearance Sake

I mentioned before, I am now totally in love with the latest hair releases from Sweet Faces. The Baroness style is very near exactly what I have been looking for, for a long time now. The texture the color the style, I can’t resist and it has become my favorite. I will repeat my one complaint, in case anyone that has the ear of someone that can perfect what I am desiring now in a slightly shorter version. The very long is lovely and is very popular with guests and customers but I sometimes still wish for a version that would fall just past the shoulders, maybe 1/3 of the way or half way down the back, without losing the wonderful framing of the face and head that Baroness has captures so nicely.

I have a slight concern in sharing the love for particular hair and skins creators and shops with the concern of duplication of appearances. Appearance in SL should be unique to each person. But unless you have a custom skin, hair and shape made, there is bound to be some overlap and similarities, with people running to some of the favorite shops mentioned. So I have to praise Curio skins. I so love the look. The detail, sight realistic imperfections and all meets my aesthetic requirements perfectly (for now).
I have been questioned about my shape. This I hold out in revealing. The shape I have now is my own make, but facial features have been modeled from an available shape that is out there. I have tweaked it modestly to fit my size and skin inclinations and love the results.
I learned some lessons early on in pursuit of the “perfect look”. One it is unobtainable, even with my voracious shopping appetite. Second, I have learned while might admire another’s appearance, it is always a mistake to try and duplicate it.
I believe, I have finally found a “look” I a happy with and will be staying with after several evolutions. I am envious of friends like Lyllith, Annabelle and Misty who have found “their look” and don’t stray far from it.
Misty, is one of the first friends I had at Cherry18 and I so admired her look. She’s adorable! You can spot her in any crowd she stands out and has not varied her appearance much (other than and occasional new hair style or outfit) since I have known her and frankly she has no need to, she’s droolfully (my own word for it) hot.
The same can be said for Annabelle and Lyllith. Their looks are so perfect and suits them so well, varying to far from it would be foolish.
I think I am finally settling into “my” look Cherrylicious V 6.2 as I have joked with a few friends and while I share my shopping favorites and understand imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, outright duplication is just the lazy way out. Find “your” look there are so many great shops and options out there. The Juicy Blog I follow will give you some great leads and tips, I highly recommend it.

The Quality of the Word

I was recently complimented on how well I wrote in this blog. I was pleased and frankly surprised with the praise. Fearing my dangling participles and misuse of prepositions that I might end a sentence with.
I have now been read by persons all over the globe and this is a bit intimidating.
Britain, Japan, Australia, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Greece,Brazil, Austria, Britain, Ireland and all over the United States.
It has taken me aback a bit to have attracted such interest. Where else could a young girl get such a wide range of readership? So I try to be careful about what i put down. Not in censorship but trying to make it at least appear intelligently constructed :)
I my only explanation comes from a love and respect for the written word. I was reading Dr. Seuss before I started school and consume books with a passion. When work and school interfere with recreational reading, I will fall asleep listening to books on CD.
A short list of a few of my favorite books and authors is included in my profile. I ‘borrow” from them heavily. I am currently revisiting an old favorite To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. I think I first read it when I was 9 or 10, which might give you some idea of an early love of written works beyond my age or experience. Oh I love reading but found I could consume the books in the children’s section in the library (having gone through my parent’s library which was and impressive collection of classics and their favorites, my father favoring Michael Crichton and John Grisham and my mother leaning towards Robert Browning, Bronte and Jane Austen in a Saturday, maybe a weekend for the longer books. J.K. Rowling progressed in the length of her books and it took me the full weekend to get through The Deathly Hallows when I got it at midnight and fell asleep about 6 or 7 am, unable to keep my eyes open any longer. I was 9 and checking out books from the adult section, thankfully with the approval of my mother when the librarian would look down suspiciously at me and say, “This book seems awfully mature for a little girl.” My mother would smile at this and simply say, “If reading makes her happy, I am not going to discourage her interest and curiosity”.
So blame my escaping on a raft with Huckleberry Finn, escaping Injun Joe with Tom and Becky, falling down the rabbit hole with Alice, Following the Equator, trapping myself in and orphanage with Oliver Twist, growing up with David Copperfield, spending hot sticky summers with Scout, Gem and Dill, fighting pirates with Peter and Wendy, traveling through Oz with Dorthy and Toto and running off to Hogwarts, to escape the seemingly mundane daily life.
And now as my stream of consciousness has begun to babble, I close this entry.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Who Do I Have To Blow To Get In Here?

Hair Fair 2009

This is an event I have been looking forward to for weeks now, since first seeing the listing in search and trying to surreptitiously teleport in to the region before it was officially open (unsuccessfully). So when it was officially open on Saturday, I was so excited to see the newest releases and nab up every freebie that wasn’t tied down (and some that were), that I was up early to get in and dig around only to find that Second Life had basically broken down. 500 regions down, 2/3 of the people kicked off and unable to log back in. After cursing and fuming pointlessly at the login failure message for the 50th time, I decided to take a break (what I really wanted to take was a valium but that opens worse doors for me) and go do some RL errands and chores.
Three hours later, I happily find I am able to login. Laughing maniacally, I immediately pull up my LM to Hair Fair and click “yes dammit!” to “are you sure you want to tp?”, only to see “Region Full!!!!!!!!” Clicking obsessively for 30 minutes still failed to get in, so muttering and cursing that would make a drunk sailor blush, I decide to occupy myself with some of the business at hand. Spending some time at the school. Doing some rearranging, consulting and interviewing a couple of hot new girls occupied me happily for a while and then, the craving hit me again. I *had to* get to Hair Fair!
Click, region full, click region full, click region full then, voila, I am there! Hair shopping heaven. Only to find grey> Waiting to rez, 5 minutes later, still grey all around. 10 minutes later, slightly less grey. Frantically trying to set my graphics to get “something” to come in sight worth drooling over and denied. Finally 20 minutes of patience, taking a walk around the block and I finally see, well less grey. So then I attempt to set off to peek about, only to find I now appear to be walking through chilled maple syrup. Lag Hell had grabbed me. Pausing for another cursing fit, I look about and what I am able to see now, is they had forgone the simple designs and layout of Hair Fair 2008, and I am now in cupcake, cookie and candyland purgatory! Now I and shouting out in SL for the designers to be tied to rabid wolverines, I hear some sound advice. Check my avatar rendering cost. So I click Advanced/Rendering/Info/AV rendering cost, to find to my horror I am at over 3000!, Stripping off all prim attachments, I felt in my vanity I could live without and switching out hair for something shorter and less flexi, I am now down to a reasonable 197.
Lag is still awful and after 90 minutes of dragging myself from booth to booth with only the Argrace display rezzing in enough to reveal some tempting new styles that I had to get. The new Fedora stay is so cute!! I only wish Agrace could come up with a better red. The styling, flex and textures are otherwise stunning.
Resolved that I was not going to have much luck finding freebies with the horrible lag and slow resolving of booths and displays, I resort to another pass time, observing people there. As I said I got my ARC (avatar rendering cost), down to 197 only to see some cretins pulling 2000, 3000, one girl was pulling 8,800!!!!
Get real people! If you are going to Hair Fair, take off those prim attachments!!
Sunday my good friend Lesh, IMs me saying with ARC of 1, it was almost doable at Hair Fair, so…I humbled myself, face light gone, barefoot and, shudders, ruthed hair I am now ARCing 1!!!

And even more surprisingly the tp Lesh sent worked first try.
I was pleased to find things coming into view without *too much* delay and while walking was still like walking through syrup frequently, by flying I was able to get about reasonably.
Nabbing the freebies like caffeinated kleptomaniac and grabbing demos of anything that looked even remotely interesting.
Some interesting new designers were there and when I’ve had a chance to go through the demos, I will give my impressions of the standouts.
Aside from the Argrace booth, I was pleased to find the Sweetfaces/Sweet hair has some irresistible flexi styles. Baroness, which I am wearing here, is almost exactly what I have always wanted. If they can duplicate this look in a slightly shorter style, maybe about mid back length, I will be first in line for it regardless the cost.
I sadly wasn’t able to find the Laqroki display and curious about Magika and Vixen new releases, but as some people were still wandering around hair fair lagging the place with ARCs of 2000, 3000 and 4000, after 2 hours of shopping and grabbing and a couple painful boundary crossings, I was still a region short but my patience and energy was shorter.
Final note. For all my ranting about unreasonable ARC in high lag areas, I have found that, if I want to look my best in my new Baroness hair, a cute pair of J’s wedge tassel sandals and Action micro mini I may be pulling 6000 myself. The cost of looking good!

(Turns off Avatar Rendering Cost view).

Monday, June 15, 2009

Geeks, Freaks and Fun

Such a busy time, but I seem to be always saying that.
Let's start at Wednesday and our first Hump Day Party at out new site in Lolita Park.

It went so splendidly in our Cherry18 Cheergirls theme and due to such generosity of our guest the prize was over 1500 Lindens (a great incentive for the Cherry18 girls to hit the Hump day parties).
But aside from that it was just so much fun Katt, DJing, Lesh and Kenzia cracking me up and everyone having fun.
Now my good friend susie has been going on about "Science Friday" in SL and I actually had the opportunity to attend to check it out.

I was so surprised. This thing has a cult following that is huge. More surprisingly is that NPR recognizes Second Life in this show and takes some questions from the SL audience!
speaking of the audience, ok it is such an eclectic mix of people all drawn together out of a geekish love of science information. I thought I would be board senseless. I was so so wrong. This crowd is nuts!! It was like NPR's version of Mystery Science Theater. Cracking jokes making side comments that went over my head some I got, but all entertaining. Oh and the NPR Science Friday Show is actually fairly informative and interesting even without the lunacy of the crowd.

And then Came the Friday weekend kickoff party at Cherry18, but this is where my photography failed. Didn't take any pics...I'm so mad. It was crazy. Gordon in his Hot Dog Costume OMG!!!! It was another totally crazy party.
Saturday The Blues Brothers invaded Cherry18.

This show was wild. Great music, Great production (the people at Lightning productions know how to put on a great show).
And my personal thanks and congratulations to Kenzia for putting it together for Cherry18. The poor thing was ready to have kittens leading up to the show, but it came off wonderfully!!! all I did for this was dance my ass off and hand out a few sunglasses :)
While I'm bragging on Lightning Productions, their Pink Floyd show is something to behold to. dropped in on this with Kenz Sunday night.

Just another quick shout out to the Katgor Club!!! Check this place out in Cardew. Some of my favorite people in all SL hang out there and it is such a fun time. (Don't forget to Stop by my Gallery in Cardew, worth a viewing and a donation to the Cherrylicious Shopping Relief Fund.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I had a nice little blog ass set to go but lot my internet connection and it was not saved!!!!!!!! *Cursing the ISP gods*
Well it will have to wait now as I'm tired.
I will post a little about my visits to Alices garden and forest feast as the deserve mention tomorrow after some sleep.

Alices Garden

forest feast

These are lovely places just to even visit, but I guarantee you will want to buy something.
I wanted to buy the whole sim of forest fantasy just as is :)

A Very Brief Travelogue

A couple of stops I discovered in searching for landscaping ideas.
First off Alices Garden.
This place is amazing the designs textures and original thinking that is created here is well worth your visit, even if just appreciating a beautiful setting.

The other place I discovered to my great delight (and vast depletion of my lindens) is forest feast fantasy garden. This is one of the most gorgeous sims i have ever seen. The creator and designer is pure genius. Just visit it for the most beautiful meditative experiences, but be warned don't leave you lindens behind, you will want to purchase many of the creations there.

Basically I was just overwhelmed with jealousy, wanting to buy the whole sim as is

Monday, June 8, 2009

At long last

It has been so busy with the getting ready of the new school site

It is so pretty and the long hard work has paid off.

You must visit it to appreciate it. Saturday the grand opening was celebrated by having Phemie Alcott performing live.

The show was wonderful, this girl is so talented and clever "Go See Her!!!"
The some other good things I discovered in preparing this new site ae a couple of other new sites (well new to me) Alices Garden and Builders Brewery Along with spending a lot more time browsing around Four Winds, this could be shopping heaven.

Anyway this more a blerg than a blog, I have felt guilty not getting to this and letting people know what was going on.
More to talk about next about the age verification, the Sex Gen bed fiasco in SL (fortunately my sex gen beds - yes I have two - blushes - were not rezzed and came away unscathed). But I would like to find out what SL will do about that as these beds are not cheap and to be out 4,000L because they screwed up is not right.

OOOh and real quick for my latest shopping favorites.
Argrace Weekend Hair, Action ballet top, Curio skins, and bangles from Decadent Design (check the Total Decadence Mall).

Just Catching Up On Some Reading

I am still around just been busy.