Monday, June 8, 2009

At long last

It has been so busy with the getting ready of the new school site

It is so pretty and the long hard work has paid off.

You must visit it to appreciate it. Saturday the grand opening was celebrated by having Phemie Alcott performing live.

The show was wonderful, this girl is so talented and clever "Go See Her!!!"
The some other good things I discovered in preparing this new site ae a couple of other new sites (well new to me) Alices Garden and Builders Brewery Along with spending a lot more time browsing around Four Winds, this could be shopping heaven.

Anyway this more a blerg than a blog, I have felt guilty not getting to this and letting people know what was going on.
More to talk about next about the age verification, the Sex Gen bed fiasco in SL (fortunately my sex gen beds - yes I have two - blushes - were not rezzed and came away unscathed). But I would like to find out what SL will do about that as these beds are not cheap and to be out 4,000L because they screwed up is not right.

OOOh and real quick for my latest shopping favorites.
Argrace Weekend Hair, Action ballet top, Curio skins, and bangles from Decadent Design (check the Total Decadence Mall).

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