Monday, June 15, 2009

Geeks, Freaks and Fun

Such a busy time, but I seem to be always saying that.
Let's start at Wednesday and our first Hump Day Party at out new site in Lolita Park.

It went so splendidly in our Cherry18 Cheergirls theme and due to such generosity of our guest the prize was over 1500 Lindens (a great incentive for the Cherry18 girls to hit the Hump day parties).
But aside from that it was just so much fun Katt, DJing, Lesh and Kenzia cracking me up and everyone having fun.
Now my good friend susie has been going on about "Science Friday" in SL and I actually had the opportunity to attend to check it out.

I was so surprised. This thing has a cult following that is huge. More surprisingly is that NPR recognizes Second Life in this show and takes some questions from the SL audience!
speaking of the audience, ok it is such an eclectic mix of people all drawn together out of a geekish love of science information. I thought I would be board senseless. I was so so wrong. This crowd is nuts!! It was like NPR's version of Mystery Science Theater. Cracking jokes making side comments that went over my head some I got, but all entertaining. Oh and the NPR Science Friday Show is actually fairly informative and interesting even without the lunacy of the crowd.

And then Came the Friday weekend kickoff party at Cherry18, but this is where my photography failed. Didn't take any pics...I'm so mad. It was crazy. Gordon in his Hot Dog Costume OMG!!!! It was another totally crazy party.
Saturday The Blues Brothers invaded Cherry18.

This show was wild. Great music, Great production (the people at Lightning productions know how to put on a great show).
And my personal thanks and congratulations to Kenzia for putting it together for Cherry18. The poor thing was ready to have kittens leading up to the show, but it came off wonderfully!!! all I did for this was dance my ass off and hand out a few sunglasses :)
While I'm bragging on Lightning Productions, their Pink Floyd show is something to behold to. dropped in on this with Kenz Sunday night.

Just another quick shout out to the Katgor Club!!! Check this place out in Cardew. Some of my favorite people in all SL hang out there and it is such a fun time. (Don't forget to Stop by my Gallery in Cardew, worth a viewing and a donation to the Cherrylicious Shopping Relief Fund.

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