Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Who Do I Have To Blow To Get In Here?

Hair Fair 2009

This is an event I have been looking forward to for weeks now, since first seeing the listing in search and trying to surreptitiously teleport in to the region before it was officially open (unsuccessfully). So when it was officially open on Saturday, I was so excited to see the newest releases and nab up every freebie that wasn’t tied down (and some that were), that I was up early to get in and dig around only to find that Second Life had basically broken down. 500 regions down, 2/3 of the people kicked off and unable to log back in. After cursing and fuming pointlessly at the login failure message for the 50th time, I decided to take a break (what I really wanted to take was a valium but that opens worse doors for me) and go do some RL errands and chores.
Three hours later, I happily find I am able to login. Laughing maniacally, I immediately pull up my LM to Hair Fair and click “yes dammit!” to “are you sure you want to tp?”, only to see “Region Full!!!!!!!!” Clicking obsessively for 30 minutes still failed to get in, so muttering and cursing that would make a drunk sailor blush, I decide to occupy myself with some of the business at hand. Spending some time at the school. Doing some rearranging, consulting and interviewing a couple of hot new girls occupied me happily for a while and then, the craving hit me again. I *had to* get to Hair Fair!
Click, region full, click region full, click region full then, voila, I am there! Hair shopping heaven. Only to find grey> Waiting to rez, 5 minutes later, still grey all around. 10 minutes later, slightly less grey. Frantically trying to set my graphics to get “something” to come in sight worth drooling over and denied. Finally 20 minutes of patience, taking a walk around the block and I finally see, well less grey. So then I attempt to set off to peek about, only to find I now appear to be walking through chilled maple syrup. Lag Hell had grabbed me. Pausing for another cursing fit, I look about and what I am able to see now, is they had forgone the simple designs and layout of Hair Fair 2008, and I am now in cupcake, cookie and candyland purgatory! Now I and shouting out in SL for the designers to be tied to rabid wolverines, I hear some sound advice. Check my avatar rendering cost. So I click Advanced/Rendering/Info/AV rendering cost, to find to my horror I am at over 3000!, Stripping off all prim attachments, I felt in my vanity I could live without and switching out hair for something shorter and less flexi, I am now down to a reasonable 197.
Lag is still awful and after 90 minutes of dragging myself from booth to booth with only the Argrace display rezzing in enough to reveal some tempting new styles that I had to get. The new Fedora stay is so cute!! I only wish Agrace could come up with a better red. The styling, flex and textures are otherwise stunning.
Resolved that I was not going to have much luck finding freebies with the horrible lag and slow resolving of booths and displays, I resort to another pass time, observing people there. As I said I got my ARC (avatar rendering cost), down to 197 only to see some cretins pulling 2000, 3000, one girl was pulling 8,800!!!!
Get real people! If you are going to Hair Fair, take off those prim attachments!!
Sunday my good friend Lesh, IMs me saying with ARC of 1, it was almost doable at Hair Fair, so…I humbled myself, face light gone, barefoot and, shudders, ruthed hair I am now ARCing 1!!!

And even more surprisingly the tp Lesh sent worked first try.
I was pleased to find things coming into view without *too much* delay and while walking was still like walking through syrup frequently, by flying I was able to get about reasonably.
Nabbing the freebies like caffeinated kleptomaniac and grabbing demos of anything that looked even remotely interesting.
Some interesting new designers were there and when I’ve had a chance to go through the demos, I will give my impressions of the standouts.
Aside from the Argrace booth, I was pleased to find the Sweetfaces/Sweet hair has some irresistible flexi styles. Baroness, which I am wearing here, is almost exactly what I have always wanted. If they can duplicate this look in a slightly shorter style, maybe about mid back length, I will be first in line for it regardless the cost.
I sadly wasn’t able to find the Laqroki display and curious about Magika and Vixen new releases, but as some people were still wandering around hair fair lagging the place with ARCs of 2000, 3000 and 4000, after 2 hours of shopping and grabbing and a couple painful boundary crossings, I was still a region short but my patience and energy was shorter.
Final note. For all my ranting about unreasonable ARC in high lag areas, I have found that, if I want to look my best in my new Baroness hair, a cute pair of J’s wedge tassel sandals and Action micro mini I may be pulling 6000 myself. The cost of looking good!

(Turns off Avatar Rendering Cost view).

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