Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So Glad I'm Not In Zindra

As I have mentioned Cherry18 optioned to go to a privately owned sim rather than the adult continent Zindra. After a couple of visits there, I am so glad.
The place looks like a ghost continent. The big factor her seems to be a very limited number of shops and little variety of clubs. Lots of tacky BDSM clubs.
Speaking of tacky, it seems that one of the major ways people want to notify people their club is "adult", is to decorate it with huge phalluses. Yhe place is turning as tacky and depressing as most people feared it would be. The few places that might
be worth a visit are quickly being engulfed in a tawdry ugly landscape.
It was really so depressing to visit there, my fears for what this will mean for Second Life are mounting.
On a positive note there is Cherry18 where you can enjoy ature pleasures in a lovely tasteful setting. we can cater to any desire and the flood of applications i have been receiving from lovely girls is frankly overwhelming so come by soon and see what you are missing.

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