Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Surviving The Economic Woes

Business has slowed in a lot of sectors even before the imposing of Zindra and with the forcing of so many clubs to the "Adult Content Continent" has only created more financial concerns. This advice doesn't so much apply to the successful businesses. There will always be a market for finely made Skin, hair and clothing. Although I might advise some of them to consider the economically suffereing in offering of freebies (I call them shopping incentives).
Even I have taken an income hit. Some slowing of the more finacially secure investing and supporting me. I've looked at some options and find some of them far to dreary to consider. The dominatrix style of any sort is just no fun. I've yet to meet one that does not seem seriously unhappy most of the time. So much time wasted battling each other, being pissed off or belittling who they deal with most of the time. The manipulating someone to get hands on their lindens (the searching for a sugar daddy or sugar momma) is far to demanding. I just can't see someone thinking they can buy me...well other than for my sevices for those clearly defined periods of time).

Now that being said it might be high time for some of you to stop by the Unexamined Life Gallery and drop off a generous donation.

But what about the average person in SL that is finding their dancing, escorting, hostessing etc. income a bit on the lean side lately?
what are some good ways to get through this hopefully temporary slowdown?

1. Start hunting down those nice freebies.
Many fine shops and designers offer a couple really sweet freebies and there is
no reason to let the slow down keep you from looking great.
Treasure hunts and such are frequently going on so get that search going and
check them out.

2. Explore, explore and explore. There are all kinds of sights and experiences free
to experience. Gardens, parks, rides, surfing, skiing, skating, racing, biking
and on and on so much can be done and this is a great opportunity to check out
some of fun things to do.

3. Check out that events list. Music, concerts, dancing, comedy is all freely
available (of course a bit of a donation is appreciated if you can).

4. Time to hit the sandbox and learn to build, classes on scripting. might be a good
time to learn to make some of those things you would like to have. Be creative.

5. Relax and just have fun. All things change, learn to adjust and adapt.

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