Sunday, August 30, 2009

Some residents may be experiencing difficulties

Have to love Linden Labs gift for stating the obvious and giving no clue as to when to expect a resolution. But what I really wanted to rave about, is one of my most brilliant builder friends Hatris finished The Castle of Mercy! I have been waiting on this and I have to say it was well worth the wait. It is the most brilliant build I have ever seen. Hatris has a gift with textures unmatched in SL. The pictures here do it poor justice, You really need to look it up in XL Street or go to RAMPART Castles store.

She didnt even skimp on the dungeon area :)

So if you want the finest castle check this lady's work out. She has some other smaller works all with the fine sense of style and texture if your space is a bit more modest.
No I need to shop for the finest furnishings :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Just a brief peek at a a couple of the stranger sights around SL truth be told for as odd as these two chose to look, they were actually fairly pleasant...and then there was these unintentional odd views that sometimes happens to people.

On a more aesthetically pleasing note a friend took me to see the PILLARS OF HERCULES.
this is a gorgeous sim that is well worth a visit and as yet it is not too busy so you can wander about in peace catch a lovely gondola ride and just relax and enjoys dome of the more beautiful scenery in SL

and as summer has progressed if gotten a bit more sun and tanned in SL as well as RL, although I got a bit carried away with the editing of my latest photos.

A nod has to go out to BELLISSIMA! for the skirts, Action for the blue striped top and to virelai Zenovka for the Irish sweater.
The week has been very good although I have been so busy with applications, a minor build for the school, hostessing, partying and of course shopping...I am exhausted :)
By the way curses to Lesh and Jo for getting me hooked on Farmville!!

Monday, August 17, 2009


Wait back up reverse that.Have been so deadfully busy lately gearing up for school and work and had a nasty little run in with a motor scooter on my bike and i cam out on the worse end of that exchange.
But all is better nowand getting back into the swing of things after a week of stiff and sore.
I have been hiring some amazing girls at Cherry18. You really need to get in there and check them out. Amazingly hot and bright and some just wickedly funny I could not resist them.
On my more geekish side, you might remember I've blogged a couple times about Science Friday on SL. Well my geekishly sweet friend susie has now been in contact with one of the panelist for another NPR program, and asked them to consider bringing it to SL also. She actually got an e-mail back from this panelist who said he actually rather liked the idea.....If this comes about i know where i will be a regular...Will keep you posted.
Well start of school and thoughts going to football so ihave been sporting a variety of cheer uniforms lately.

Flashpoint Fashions has some of my favorites as well as Hanna Fashions has sme nice fit and look.
Had to go on XL Street to get some variety in sneakers.
Shopping, shopping and shopping. So back to the really important business..time to go shopping.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Where Have I Been

So much going on and thankfully almost all of it good. As the picture above might indicate I am still riding a Half Blood Prince high, Yeah, yeah it could of been much better, but still...
Someone suggested they should have made all the books into a 30 hour miniseries. If they do I am so there.
But that hasn't been the only thing preoccupying me. Due to my friends from katgor i have been trying to catch up on 3 seasons of Torchwood, then they throw out hints about another series!! So getting to Amazon and Neflix to get the episodes still to be seen has taken a bit of time.

In Second Life in between interviewing and hiring some of the hottest girls in SL for Cherry18.
Hostessing some of the most fun parties (Wednesday Night and Friday Afternoons).
I have tried to pursue some fun leisure activities.

Scuba diving in SL amazingly relaxing and fun.
I'm investigating SL golf and just a generous donation away from getting a lifetime membership to one of the golf clubs so I can hack away in blissful non dramatic fun.
I again urge readers to check out and support some of the concerts in Second Life Lightning Production shows are always fun and worth a visit, but I still favor the artists singing and playing live. The is some pretty good talent out there.


That has been my reason for coming into it and that is the way I am going to play the game. On that note. I am NOT interested in settling down in SL with a partner, so if that is what you want from me, move along.
The humiliation freaks that sometimes pop into the school, looking for some attention bore me. All the name calling and hostility is a complete yawner. You want some humiliation come in lay a load of linden on me and I'll say you're an idiot and send you on your way. If they weren't so pathetic it would be comical. Handing over all this information voluntarily and then acting like, "Oh no!", "Don't tell anyone!" There are plenty of greedy people to profit from your stupidity. But it's far to depressing for me to engage in. Oh I will take you lindens. You want to really embarass yourself? Drop 100K in my donation jar at my gallery
Too many people seem to be determined to either be unhappy or determined to make other people miserable. There is enough anger, cold heartedness and greed in real life. I would prefer to not spend my time bitching at people and being angry all the time.
I read somewhere (and I wish I could remember the author and exact quote) that the true nature of one's character can be told by what one finds amusing or funny.
I' sure I have butchered the quote but the meaning is clear and true.
Anyway enough on that we have real things to worry about.
Our benevolent overlords in the Obama whitehouse want to ration healthcare and only give certain procedures to those most likely to benefit while the elderly will be turned into mulch. As well as our president showing his blatent racist attitude in saying that arresting a man that had kicked in his own door and when the police came to investigate, instead of saying everything is okay officers, he was hostile towards, was stupid!!. Well you asked for it a racist socialist president. So be prepared it will only get worse.
"Giving money and power to Government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys." P.J.O'Rourke
Sarah Palin, who quits her job as a govenor, but is not a quitter?
And... Where the hell is Jackson's nose? (goes on e-bay looking).

Blah! Lesh gave me a landmark for some sweet vintage boots. Now THAT'S fun.

Just Catching Up On Some Reading

I am still around just been busy.