Sunday, August 23, 2009


Just a brief peek at a a couple of the stranger sights around SL truth be told for as odd as these two chose to look, they were actually fairly pleasant...and then there was these unintentional odd views that sometimes happens to people.

On a more aesthetically pleasing note a friend took me to see the PILLARS OF HERCULES.
this is a gorgeous sim that is well worth a visit and as yet it is not too busy so you can wander about in peace catch a lovely gondola ride and just relax and enjoys dome of the more beautiful scenery in SL

and as summer has progressed if gotten a bit more sun and tanned in SL as well as RL, although I got a bit carried away with the editing of my latest photos.

A nod has to go out to BELLISSIMA! for the skirts, Action for the blue striped top and to virelai Zenovka for the Irish sweater.
The week has been very good although I have been so busy with applications, a minor build for the school, hostessing, partying and of course shopping...I am exhausted :)
By the way curses to Lesh and Jo for getting me hooked on Farmville!!

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Ravik said...

For the non-conformist, SL truly does offer an almost unlimited potential to express yourself. Your pictures do a good job showing off your natural beauty too. They would good in a year book.

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