Monday, August 17, 2009


Wait back up reverse that.Have been so deadfully busy lately gearing up for school and work and had a nasty little run in with a motor scooter on my bike and i cam out on the worse end of that exchange.
But all is better nowand getting back into the swing of things after a week of stiff and sore.
I have been hiring some amazing girls at Cherry18. You really need to get in there and check them out. Amazingly hot and bright and some just wickedly funny I could not resist them.
On my more geekish side, you might remember I've blogged a couple times about Science Friday on SL. Well my geekishly sweet friend susie has now been in contact with one of the panelist for another NPR program, and asked them to consider bringing it to SL also. She actually got an e-mail back from this panelist who said he actually rather liked the idea.....If this comes about i know where i will be a regular...Will keep you posted.
Well start of school and thoughts going to football so ihave been sporting a variety of cheer uniforms lately.

Flashpoint Fashions has some of my favorites as well as Hanna Fashions has sme nice fit and look.
Had to go on XL Street to get some variety in sneakers.
Shopping, shopping and shopping. So back to the really important business..time to go shopping.

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Ravik said...

As an homage to science, Ravik considers carefully the fluid dynamics relationships, between air, temperature, fabric density and cotton vs polyester in determining the level of a exposure of your panties, ever time you hop in your tiny cheerleader outfit.

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