Monday, September 28, 2009


Bax Coen just HAD to come out with the Prestige Boots in brown!!! Four lucious shades available with an easy couple clicks to Carmel, Mocha, Cognac or Chocolate and with the free fitting offered by the staff there really isnt anyway to go wrong. Check out the textures...

Ok maybe these picks are only of interest to foot or boot fetishers but I think these merit a close look at..

Thursday, September 24, 2009


So much going on in SL keeping me from updating here as often as I would like, especially with the boom in my readership.
Cherry18 GSC has been flourishing. Applications are pouring in from girls wanting to escort there. A bit of advice. If you just pop in and drop off an application and never see you again, you may not get a response back for a while. Girls who take the time to get acquainted with the school and some of the girls catch my eye much more quickly. This seems to me just basic common sense that if the girl has already displayed that they enjoy being there and have already made friends, will get first priority.
We are also providing more education and instruction for the girls that become Cherry18 students to help them maintain the high standard we expect. I have been busy working on a more thorough orientation on interactions with guests and customers and looking into ways to provide more instruction to teach better emoting skill rather than over-reliance on pose balls and gestures.
Unfortunately with our flourishing traffic and growing clientele, we have also experienced an in crease in freelancers attempting to encroach on our property. Fortunately we are blessed with an excellent head of security that keeps them at bay either voluntarily when warned or banning them should they foolishly think we will not find them out or they can get away with poaching customers.

Not that LL is making my job any easier as one of their frequent glitches has prevented me from publishing our events in Community Events for the past 2 weeks. That cursed error message saying cannot hold a mature event in a PG sim. Lolita Park has never been PG!!! When we were in Yongchon, we were never PG. LL suffering from another case of cranial-anal inversion. We play by their rules, even when the rules are silly and unnecessary and they screw things up and make our lives more difficult!
Just so you know. We have a regular themed party on Fridays. 2 -4 PM SLT the themes are posted in the school on our events calendar. Everyone is welcome to join in the party and contests. The split prize board starts at 500L (and sometimes can get much bigger). We also have a regular Hump Day Party 6 – 8 PM SLT. We are fortunate to have a great DJ for our events in Katt Milner a long time SL friend and surrogate mom. She takes time out of her busy schedule DJing at the Katgor Club in Leshland Mall. I shamelessly plug the Katgor Club for a cool place to dance, meet some nice people and have a bit of fun and the Leshland Mall if you are in need of some shop space, you will be hard pressed to find a better person to rent some space from than Lesheran. Back to Cherry18, we have recently added a Sunday party event 4 – 6 PM SLT featuring a bright new DJ Yuuki. This girl is so cool and is bound to become one of the more popular DJs in SL check her out exclusively at Cherry18 for now.
I did have an interesting contact from an ‘erotic” furniture maker, that requested me trying out a new piece and giving my feedback. I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, but I am hoping to give it a few “test trials” this weekend.
If it is great you will hear more about it here. I’m pretty excited about it though as it comes from a maker that has impressed me in the past and I have a few of their items already, so I am looking forward to taking this for a ride maybe even with a lucky customer.

By the way click on my picture on the Kiosk at Cherry18 or wherever you might see it come up elsewhere in SL. It will provide you with my online status and some information to “interested customers” or just for you curiosity seekers. I’m looking forward to a bit of “fun” this weekend
Okay time to get some rest and check out our Hawaiian Party this Friday. I’m checking my closet for my hottest Hawaiian look.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Okay I have to give credit where it is deserved on this find. The Hard Couture blog, led me back to the Bax Boots. Hard Couture gets full credit for calling these Super Fuck Me Boots also and they are so awesome!
If you know fine boots you know of Bax already and Bax Coen has out done herself with these boots. When I was there they were offered in black, white and red and I had to have all 3 of course.
I am showing a couple of the looks you can do wirh these boots making them the perfect any occasion boot in your SL wardrobe. Dressing up or with jeand these are an absolute must have. You can customize the look with shades, colors, gold or silver metal and they even offer free perfect fitting.

Thanks Hard Couture for the great lead!
Check out some of the other blogs I follow for excellent fashion leads and some pretty interesting reading.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Wonders if this might provoke a fantasy in some......

I rather think the tights make it even a bit more sexy :P
Thanks to Inara's Fantasy Couture, Bellissma, The HUB and Shiny Things. For making this outfit come together.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Seems I touched a chord in the internet world with my blasting Kanye West for his being the major ass on the Video Music Awards.
Well lets take another peek at his lack of conscience. He didn't offer a full apology until Monday afternoon!!! After the media and fams over the world condems him. It took an awful long time and a whole lot of bad press to get Kanye's attention. Although truth be told, I doubt that the words were realy Kanye's I sure his agent had to write it down for him. Do not be deceived. His apology was only made for damage control and not out of any genuine act of conscience.
"That was Taylor's moment and I had no right in any way to take it from her. I am truly sorry." was what he said. Truly sorry my record sales might suffer? Sorry my ego has been bruised by widespread condemnation?
Until he says something to the effect that he acted like an asshole, I'm not buying his meager act of contrition.

It's football season. Even if you are not a huge football fan you might still have a football fantasy somewhere.

Who has the hottest cheerleaders in college football?

Kanye West is an Ass, Beyonce Has Class and Taylor Swift Keeps Her Cool

I have to add my vote that Kanye West needs some serious intervention. Bum rushing the stage and stealing Taylor Swift's moment was despicable.
Truth be told I have never been a West fan but that's fine if you like his "music" so be it. That is neither here nor there. Thinking you are so important, that you can just take over an awards ceremony and express your opinion is insane to say the least and criminal to say it a bit more strongly. By the way... Where the hell was security at the Video Music Awards and why did they allow this to happen?
It was a tribute to Swift that she performed her song just shortly after this outrage without a hint that she had been rattled in the least. This is one talented girl.
Kudos to Beyonce for being the class act that she is (as well as immensely talented and hot), for giving up her spot so that Taylor could have her moment uninterrupted.
This just reinforced my love for Beyonce and her music (and videos...yummm). She handles her celebrity with class and style as does Taylor Swift.
It is about time people like Mr. West took a page from their books and recognize he is an artist for good or for ill, like him or not, just and artist. An artist's opinion means no more than anyone elses. I do not care how many awards you have for music or movies. You are not that special. Get over it!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Verify Verify Verify

The time is upon us and we at Cherry18 beat the mandatory date and have set our site to adult. So you will need to be age verified to get there.
This has not appeared to be a problem as our traffic has been busier than ever and I can hardly keep up with the applications.
Mind you I want to keep up because a large number of very very fine young ladies are applying. As a bonus a few of our loyal girls from the earliest days of Cherry18 have surfaced again and rejoining the school...very hot young ladies, bright, sweet with excellent emoting skills.
I have been exceptionally busy rl as well as SL. The parties at Cherry18 have been rocking. Wednesday nights and Friday afternoon.
The shopping area has been vastly expanded so you will want to check out some of the hottest clothing, skins and *erotic accessories* *wink* in one of the two large shopping areas. Watch for the mall we will be opening soon. Oh and do not worry the shopping sections while easy to access are positioned and designed not to detract from the school itself.

A couple of my shopping leads. For dances and animations for you AO, you might want to pop into Akeyo. Im impressed by the quality and originality of their animations whether for rocking the dance floor or just looking hot hanging out chatting with friends.
Another little treasure along the way, magi take shop on Magi Island a number of really nice clothes at dirt cheap prices.

The gingham shirt I am wearing in the above picture is from there.

Also you might want to visit BELLISSIMA! and Action Surf Sk8te.
The skirt in the picture below is from BELLISSIMA and the shirt is from Action Surf Sk8te.

Okay a few good shopping tips. It has been a great week. Come by the school. Stop into my gallery...give generously..It is not inexpensive to look this good :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


So here is 3 thousand worth :)
The first is in my office at Cherry18 waiting to interview one of the so many girls that apply. So many hot girls, so hard to choose.
The other two are just me at The Castle of Mercy. The last you can thank Andrea Sage from Decadent Design for providing still one of my favorite skirts, that is just so so short *winks*

Just Catching Up On Some Reading

I am still around just been busy.