Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye West is an Ass, Beyonce Has Class and Taylor Swift Keeps Her Cool

I have to add my vote that Kanye West needs some serious intervention. Bum rushing the stage and stealing Taylor Swift's moment was despicable.
Truth be told I have never been a West fan but that's fine if you like his "music" so be it. That is neither here nor there. Thinking you are so important, that you can just take over an awards ceremony and express your opinion is insane to say the least and criminal to say it a bit more strongly. By the way... Where the hell was security at the Video Music Awards and why did they allow this to happen?
It was a tribute to Swift that she performed her song just shortly after this outrage without a hint that she had been rattled in the least. This is one talented girl.
Kudos to Beyonce for being the class act that she is (as well as immensely talented and hot), for giving up her spot so that Taylor could have her moment uninterrupted.
This just reinforced my love for Beyonce and her music (and videos...yummm). She handles her celebrity with class and style as does Taylor Swift.
It is about time people like Mr. West took a page from their books and recognize he is an artist for good or for ill, like him or not, just and artist. An artist's opinion means no more than anyone elses. I do not care how many awards you have for music or movies. You are not that special. Get over it!

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Ravik said...

I didn't see this, but boy, have I heard about it. To me, it sounds as though Kanye has really doubts about his own skill. A man, or woman, who has confidence in themselves and their OWN talent, would never ever do such a thing.

My assessment is the Kanye sucks and he knows that he sucks.

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