Monday, September 7, 2009

Verify Verify Verify

The time is upon us and we at Cherry18 beat the mandatory date and have set our site to adult. So you will need to be age verified to get there.
This has not appeared to be a problem as our traffic has been busier than ever and I can hardly keep up with the applications.
Mind you I want to keep up because a large number of very very fine young ladies are applying. As a bonus a few of our loyal girls from the earliest days of Cherry18 have surfaced again and rejoining the school...very hot young ladies, bright, sweet with excellent emoting skills.
I have been exceptionally busy rl as well as SL. The parties at Cherry18 have been rocking. Wednesday nights and Friday afternoon.
The shopping area has been vastly expanded so you will want to check out some of the hottest clothing, skins and *erotic accessories* *wink* in one of the two large shopping areas. Watch for the mall we will be opening soon. Oh and do not worry the shopping sections while easy to access are positioned and designed not to detract from the school itself.

A couple of my shopping leads. For dances and animations for you AO, you might want to pop into Akeyo. Im impressed by the quality and originality of their animations whether for rocking the dance floor or just looking hot hanging out chatting with friends.
Another little treasure along the way, magi take shop on Magi Island a number of really nice clothes at dirt cheap prices.

The gingham shirt I am wearing in the above picture is from there.

Also you might want to visit BELLISSIMA! and Action Surf Sk8te.
The skirt in the picture below is from BELLISSIMA and the shirt is from Action Surf Sk8te.

Okay a few good shopping tips. It has been a great week. Come by the school. Stop into my gallery...give generously..It is not inexpensive to look this good :)

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Ravik said...

Waaaaaay cheaper to help support you, then it would be to support a real college age girl.

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