Sunday, October 25, 2009


It is hard to admitt but I was totally outclassed the other night (but in a very good way).
I have been feeling pretty smug about my dance huddle with over 150 dances in it untill last night. Met up with a girl at a very fun club with 707 dances!!!!!
On the up side she was a sweetheart and so cool. She had the right dance no matter what dance tempo was thrown at us and gave me her notecard with list of all he dance places she has shopped. I knew them all but as she kept throwing out cute dance after dance that I did not have I was driven into a shopping frenzy revisiting these places Studio4, Ministry of Motion, Akeyo, Animazoo, Sine and some more I still have to get back too and look more closely Sine, 3fx and Studio4 are daunting because of their huge selection and takes a fair amount of time to see all they have. But i was able to add 18 more dances to my collection and it will continue to grow.
Meanwhile the parties go on at Cherry18

and I am so looking forward to this Friday's Halloween Party. Still deciding whether to go scarey or slutty. (More shopping needed obviously)
And on the fashion Note I have received some good feedback on my new short cut I found at Little Heaven,

but I am still undecided

I am still quite attached to the longer flowing hair.
I need a lust appraisel. Which look is more fuckable?
Ciao for now

Friday, October 16, 2009


As we still are struggling with LL getting our events at Cherry18 posted in the Second Life Community Events Calendar, I will inform readers here of at least the schedule.
Fridays 2 – 4 PM SLT
DJ Katt
Themes are posted on our events calendar in the school and you can get a copy of the schedule by touching the board.

Sundays 4 – 6 PM SLT
DJ Yuuki
Upcoming themes to be announced and coordinated with Yuuki and myself (Yuuki inspires most of these and are actually quite imaginative).

Wednesdays 6 – 8 PM SLT (Hump Day)
DJ Katt
Themes for Wednesday are fairly capricious and depends on my mood and what might be going on at the time. Some Day I may have a regular schedule of them arranged ahead of time like the Friday parties, but then again, don’t count on it as that would be far to organized and predictable.

These are parties for fun and everyone is welcome. Great music by talented DJs, dancing and general craziness. Katt has been DJing for quite a while now and in my humble opinion is quite brilliant at it. Yuuki is still relatively new at DJing but already has won the hearts of the school and anyone that gives her a listen.
So tell your friends, neighbors, random strangers to pop in on these.

Another excellent place for fun is The Katgor Club in the Leshland Mall, where again you will find my good friend Katt DJing and Jo hostessing and might find me sneaking off to for some relax and be silly time. Great music, fun friendly people. I love it.

Kudos go out to a couple other nice clubs I’ve run across
The Gunsmoke Saloon. Great country music with frequent talented live performers and friendly staff and regulars there. I’ve only been there a couple of times but the feeling of being an outsider is quickly remedied by a sociable and fun atmosphere.
Runaround Sue’s if you love the oldies this is THE PLACE. Again the staff and regulars there are open and friendly and makes for a pleasant place to hang out. I have to Google most of the music, but its pleasant and a nice break from the bang bang beats drummed into your head at so many clubs where people are either so enmeshed in their cliques or only speak in gestures.

These reflect my eclectic tastes and looking for something different and fun to do in SL.
If anyone knows of a good Irish/Celtic club/music place where the people are fun I would love to know about it.
That's all for now

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Some have questioned whether I still escort in SL due to me being so busy with helping running things at Cherry18. Be assured I still do. I find it fun and pleasurable pleasing my customers, be it man, woman, herm, T-girl, or almost anything that might come along.
Here's a blurb from my notecard
I love to wear my skirts short and tight. I love to tease and flirt and have fun. I love my school, our headmistress Lolita and I really love all of my sisters at the school. They are my family in SL!! I am fun, fiesty and flirty but can be shy retiring and demure. I could be the cute girl next door, the innocent or wild, schoolgirl, cheerleader, babysitter, consensual date or rape or maybe you have your own fantasy to explore? I am open to almost any type of sexual pleasure and my goal is to please you.

SL & RL HOBBIES & INTERESTS: I like shopping for clothes and hanging with my sisters at the school! I love all the Harry Potter books and movies, scuba diving, surfing, live music concerts, dancing, playing piano-rl and sl.

Friday, October 9, 2009

You Have To See These


Okay it was fun poking at the people that take their politics so serious, but need to refocus on whats really important. SEX
Have made a number of additions to my furnishings that are quite yummy and hope to spend a bit more time focusing on the toys of SL that make the sex experience more enjoyable.
I plan to get some more pictures to show off the toys a bit but had a couple major problems...both self inflicted...
Had to movemy castle up a thousand meters or so which took a bit event weith the select all and drawing the box around it as I kept screwing it up so it ended up just rerezzing it and moving taking and replacing everything.
Then after a week all was returned pretty much to its beautiful normal look, I was taking back a box I had just opened and was not paying close attention and ended up taking back a nice chunk of my castle!!!!! I spent a 1/2 hour trying to reposition the section but the alignment just wasn't looking right soooooooo another delete and rerezz and replaced everything again!!!
So what has that all got to do with SEX you ask?
What do I do when I'm stressed? (Aside from have sex you pervs)
and okay so I was shopping the sex shops lately and checking out the newer options that are out there.
Especially interested in finding some more daring options.
More to cum........

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Obama Bitch Slapped By IOC

Despite four years, millions of dollars in planning and a last-ditch pitch from President Obama,the City of Chicago was eliminated in the first round of voting, before any host city was selected.
Maybe our hapless president would be better served focusing resources on helping the uneducated and impoverished areas and making the streets safer so incidents like the beating death of Derrion Albert on Chicago's South Side.
The reality is schoolchildren in Chicago, their hometown, continue to be killed and wounded going to and from school while they campaigned for the Olympic games that these children will not view.
Read more at:
I was so pleased the the IOC was not swayed by this costly ploy for his public relations image while he ignores the plight of the millions struggling day to day to make ends meet.
His attempts to push socialized, rationed and government controlled medical reform down the American Peoples throats has bruised his ego. Internationally while some praise his condecending attitude towards, well basically everyone has earned him little respect as a world leader of the most powerful nation.
So he attempted to apply his "charm" on the International Olympic Committee and again fell flat on his face.
Bravo IOC!!!

Just Catching Up On Some Reading

I am still around just been busy.