Friday, October 9, 2009


Okay it was fun poking at the people that take their politics so serious, but need to refocus on whats really important. SEX
Have made a number of additions to my furnishings that are quite yummy and hope to spend a bit more time focusing on the toys of SL that make the sex experience more enjoyable.
I plan to get some more pictures to show off the toys a bit but had a couple major problems...both self inflicted...
Had to movemy castle up a thousand meters or so which took a bit event weith the select all and drawing the box around it as I kept screwing it up so it ended up just rerezzing it and moving taking and replacing everything.
Then after a week all was returned pretty much to its beautiful normal look, I was taking back a box I had just opened and was not paying close attention and ended up taking back a nice chunk of my castle!!!!! I spent a 1/2 hour trying to reposition the section but the alignment just wasn't looking right soooooooo another delete and rerezz and replaced everything again!!!
So what has that all got to do with SEX you ask?
What do I do when I'm stressed? (Aside from have sex you pervs)
and okay so I was shopping the sex shops lately and checking out the newer options that are out there.
Especially interested in finding some more daring options.
More to cum........

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Ravik said...

Picked up a huge chunk of your home by accident Hmmm?

God, I have been there and done that!

Once, I picked up the floor of a the sky box I was standing on, and fell several thousand feet before I realized what happened.

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