Saturday, October 10, 2009


Some have questioned whether I still escort in SL due to me being so busy with helping running things at Cherry18. Be assured I still do. I find it fun and pleasurable pleasing my customers, be it man, woman, herm, T-girl, or almost anything that might come along.
Here's a blurb from my notecard
I love to wear my skirts short and tight. I love to tease and flirt and have fun. I love my school, our headmistress Lolita and I really love all of my sisters at the school. They are my family in SL!! I am fun, fiesty and flirty but can be shy retiring and demure. I could be the cute girl next door, the innocent or wild, schoolgirl, cheerleader, babysitter, consensual date or rape or maybe you have your own fantasy to explore? I am open to almost any type of sexual pleasure and my goal is to please you.

SL & RL HOBBIES & INTERESTS: I like shopping for clothes and hanging with my sisters at the school! I love all the Harry Potter books and movies, scuba diving, surfing, live music concerts, dancing, playing piano-rl and sl.

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Ravik said...

No Shame, but lots of hot cuteness to make up for it!

Thanks for being who you are, we LOVE you Cherry!

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I am still around just been busy.