Sunday, October 25, 2009


It is hard to admitt but I was totally outclassed the other night (but in a very good way).
I have been feeling pretty smug about my dance huddle with over 150 dances in it untill last night. Met up with a girl at a very fun club with 707 dances!!!!!
On the up side she was a sweetheart and so cool. She had the right dance no matter what dance tempo was thrown at us and gave me her notecard with list of all he dance places she has shopped. I knew them all but as she kept throwing out cute dance after dance that I did not have I was driven into a shopping frenzy revisiting these places Studio4, Ministry of Motion, Akeyo, Animazoo, Sine and some more I still have to get back too and look more closely Sine, 3fx and Studio4 are daunting because of their huge selection and takes a fair amount of time to see all they have. But i was able to add 18 more dances to my collection and it will continue to grow.
Meanwhile the parties go on at Cherry18

and I am so looking forward to this Friday's Halloween Party. Still deciding whether to go scarey or slutty. (More shopping needed obviously)
And on the fashion Note I have received some good feedback on my new short cut I found at Little Heaven,

but I am still undecided

I am still quite attached to the longer flowing hair.
I need a lust appraisel. Which look is more fuckable?
Ciao for now

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Ravik said...

You know you make my heart stop when you look like that don't you? Okay, fuckability ratings. The obvious answer is BOTH!

Which look you go with, would depend on your mood and/or the mood of your partner. Are you feeling innocent sweet yet haunted by feelings of desire you've never had, or do you feel like a young slut who's gonna get an "A" on this terms paper?

The short hair has one major advantage in that it won't clash or pass through your body when you're riding the long hard hot pole of ecstasy as your wet juices flow along his massive length making it so delightfully slippery when he thrust his burning c...."Ahem"
But I digress.

Have a good one and I look forward to seeing your new look!

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