Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Now that I caught your attention, let me tell you about some of my new shopping experiences.
I had mentioned before about my splurge for new dances and I neglected to mention my experiences at Ministry of Motion and Henmations where I spent way too much on so many more dances.
I also had a nice encounter with one of the owners of World Wide Industries maker of some very cool clothes and hair you must check out.
No need for noob looks
With the excellent freebies in skin and hair and AOs that are available there is simply no reason for looking bad or walking around like a spazoid in SL.
Laqroki aside from the lovely new line of glow skins they have (I recently picked up a bundle of demos to try out) still has one of the nicest free skins in SL along with some nice free hair and some bargain priced hair that should not be missed if you are relatively new to SL. If you have the lindens, go further in the hair at Laqroki is consistently beautiful.
I was also delighted to talk with the designer and owner of Tuty’s. Some very nice clothing and hair there at very fair prices and some really nice freebies are generously made available, But what I think is the best deal on Animation Overrides can be found at Tuty’s also. If you want a very cute AO but don’t want to lay out a ton of lindens this is the place to go. The freebie AO she offers is probably the best freebie AO in SL so don’t pass that up.
If you want more consistent leads on great freebies in SL, check the Freestyle Blog. If you want to look great with little or no resources, click over to Freestyle.
Speaking of excellent shopping experiences, you should check out the new mall at Lolita Park, conveniently located near the Cherry18 School. Danika Designs is the flagship Store in the new mall, which is a curse for me, as soon as she puts out a new design I simply have to have it.
I also did a peek into the Skin Fair and was pleasantly surprised to find it relatively lag free and easy to find some of the hottest new skin designs in Second Life. Admittedly I was there quite late at night and the fair has been going on for a while so you might not expect a big crowd, however if you are looking for some impressive and unique new look in skins this is the place to go. Some designers I had never heard of with beautiful and original looks.
What’s new at Cherry18 besides the new mall you ask? So many hot new girls I have been flooded with applications and I have been so busy as there has been an influx of not only well experienced applicants (girls who have been in SL for a fair amount of time) and they are so gorgeous! I really can not imagine where you will find prettier girls anywhere in Second Life.
Second Life on TV
This was a very funny surprise for me. I was catching up on some back episodes of The Big Bang Theory (a geek delight) and in the 3rd episode of the first season Second Life was mentioned. Aside from this show being incredibly funny, the references and jokes about popular internet experiences are rolling on the floor laughing your ass off funny!

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