Friday, January 8, 2010

Let There Be Music

Bored in Second Life? Not sure what to do or where to go? Check out the events tab in search and look for the Live Music.
I have spent a lot of time checking out the live music scene in Second Life and enjoying it immensely. There is such a broad variety of considerable talent out there that can appeal to almost any taste.
Granted there are some that sound like failed Ramada Inn lounge singers or your father or mother getting up to sing karaoke at a family reunion, but do not be discouraged if you run across one of these there is an abundance or talent to be enjoyed.
Personally, I am more drawn to the performers that play and sing totally live, although I must admit I have heard a few that use the recorded back up music that are very good, there is nothing like a musician accompanying themselves on guitar, piano or even at one performance a very hot little kazoo solo (trust me it was better than that might sound).
A few of the names well worth checking out are KatRose Serendipity, AMforte Clarity, Lizaday Solo, Maximillion Kleene, Harper Messmer and Strummer Vultee.
There are many more I know and I am still discovering new ones, but the ones mentioned stand out in my mind because they are consistently good and seem to be genuinely nice people which appeals to me. Some of these already have a fairly large fan base already built up, some are just emerging on the SL music scene and their performances so far might not be so crowded and you may not be subject to so much lag. Their followings seem to consist of amiable people if a bit overly enthusiastic in group chats sometimes.
So the decree of this blog, get out and enjoy some of the great music SL has to offer. Support the musicians and the venues that are providing them a platform. Socialize and get acquainted. I have made a few very nice new friends at these events (with particular notice of KatRose-she is so sweet and talented and to Strummer’s Addicts and Angels a somewhat rowdy but fun group that make the concerts even more fun).
So get out there, listen, dance and enjoy. There is almost always someone there with a chim to dance with or if you see me there hit me up for a dance on my HUD if got over 250 dances now and if its not lagging to much, I will get you moving to the beat.

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