Saturday, January 23, 2010


I have been a bit of a chameleon lately looking at and trying different skins and hair and not being entirely thrilled with them on me. No fault of the designers makers of some of the finest skins in SL. I just couldn't find "my" look I wanted.
So I wandered back to Laqroki. I have loved Laqroki sine it was RAC, but for one reason or another although my inventory is crammed with Laqroki skins none have felt quite right lately. Until Drew.
As soon as I put on the sample I knew I was in shopping trouble. Of course I have to get the whole set. Others such as in Grid Expectations and Skin Love can detail out better than I, the qualities the Glow Skins at Laqroki possess. All i can say is I am currently madly in love with Laqorki again.

Friday Night at Sharkie's

This has got to be the most fun place to be on a Friday night. If yu are a Strummer Vultee fan (as I unashamedly am) and happen to like being around a group of very nice people partying and dancing. You have to check it out.

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I am still around just been busy.