Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Joy of Second Life Sex

I haven’t talked about my escorting in this blog in a while, so I think it’s about time to discuss this a bit.
I had never planned on getting into the erotic experience business when I came to Second Life. Although the appeal of immersing myself in a virtual world where I could explore and express myself in greater anonymity was appealing, I never pictured myself exploring other’s sexual fantasies as I have here.
My first sexual experience in SL was quite exhilarating. I had met a designer and one of her friends in a shop and we were chatting and admittedly maybe flirting a bit as I do enjoy that immensely. The chat then turned beyond the simple flirting and soon I was invited back to the designer’s home with her friend for a bit of “private fun”. Before I really had a chance to think we were stripping off out clothing, kissing and caressing each other. We shared an amazingly exciting threesome. I was, to be honest, pretty overwhelmed as these two women were beautiful, talented and intelligent and aroused sexual desires that I have had for a while but now was able to express uninhibitedly. Our three naked bodies intertwined the fingers and tongues exploring and probing my every erogenous zone on my body. I was so caught up in this Sapphic seduction that I was had pressed to keep up as I was masturbating at my desk, my fingers buried into my jeans and pleasuring myself. Thankfully the panties I was wearing washed out nicely after the soaking they got from that experience.
I had pretty clear bisexual leanings before coming to Second Life and some girl-girl sexual experience starting pretty early on in school with a couple close friends so the only surprise here was how intensely I could immerse myself into the SL sexual experience.
Other than a few more rendezvous’ with my now very close friend, I still remained mostly virtuous, even if a notorious flirt in SL for quite a while.
That was until things fell apart where I had been spending most of my time in a PG sim, hostessing and helping build the group membership and traffic to one of the most fun places to hang out and party. Unfortunately the drama and neglect of the owner soon caused the place to turn quite ugly and mean spirited and my fighting against this resulted in me being banned and I was basically homeless with no income other than the 300L per week from LL
Now in my shopping and wandering I had meet a couple of the girls that worked at Cherry18 and we had become friends. They were both so sweet and helpful. Misty helped me pick out my first really nice looking hair and we had met up a few time dancing and just basically goofing around. Misty is an extremely intelligent and beautiful girl has a sense of humor that I so love. Sometimes silly, sometimes sarcastic other times sardonic but she always can make me laugh. So I thought I would visit the school and see a couple familiar faces. I soon became acquainted with the owner Lolita and spoke to a couple of the other girls and before I knew it, I was spending most of my free time just hanging out there, chatting with the girls and some of the guests and the sort of adopted me. I had no real interest in escorting myself at the time, although I was propositioned many times and
many of the guest said I should, but I would just mention it to Lolita or one of the other girls referring the customers on to the girls that worked there. I was pretty content just flirting and having fun, getting shopping hints and learning about the girls there and made some very good friends.
Then one day I was just sitting on the sign chatting away and one of the girls that worked there messaged me that she had a client that wanted a threesome and she needed another girl and would I do it. She was a good friend and I did want to help her out so after making sure it was okay with Lolita, I agreed. I was surprised on how much fun I had doing it. The customer was very nice and Karine, the girl I worked with, was a very sensual and sexy French girl and we all had a great time. The extra shopping money I made was nice but not all that important to me at the time (my shopping addiction wasn’t out of control at that time), it was more that I enjoyed helping out how I could and having fun while doing it. It was stimulating and exciting to be able to please someone and yeah a definite ego rush to realize I could stimulate someone to the point of orgasm, even though at the time my emoting skills were still pretty limited and I was mostly following the other girl’s lead. It wasn’t too long before I was again asked to fill in, in another threesome with another excellent escort and doing double blowjobs on the guy and getting fucked doggy style while licking her was pretty overwhelming and exciting and I was hooked and became a regular escort. I was soon learning to improve my emoting skills and I was an eager pupil. The satisfaction of doing something well and having fun while doing it was addicting.
One thing I have always practiced is to never take a customer unless I really wanted too, not because I felt I needed too. If I am not in the mood and don’t feel I will enjoy the experience, I will refer that customer on to someone else. I like it to be fun and stimulating and to arouse me either through my curiosity, interest or actually physically stimulating. I do enjoy fully immersing into the experience, so after each customer I will have a smile on my face at least and sometimes one hand in my panties again.
I suppose I could have more customers than I currently do, if I weren’t so committed to the need to wanting to be with the customer. If I don’t think I will in someway enjoy the experience on some level I won’t do it. I rarely if ever wear the Xcite parts I have in inventory anymore, as too many times people rely on them for the experience rather than using them as they should to enhance the experience. As much as I might want to demonstrate my pussy creaming or dripping with excitement, I do not want someone just clicking on the Xcite parts and think that will turn me on. I desire an erotic encounter to stimulate me intellectually and emotionally. I do not rely on prefabricated sexual gestures as this is another lazy shortcut that does nothing for me. So you will see me expressing myself typos and all. If the typos increase, it is probably an indication that I have gotten so involved in the role play I am squirming in my seat.
To be honest most of the time on SL, I am pretty casually and comfortably dressed. Sweat shorts and tee shirt or tank tops being preferred attire when kicking back or jeans and sweatshirt now that it is colder, with my hair pulled back in a ponytail so I don’t have to keep pushing it out of my face. However, I have been known on occasion to prepare a bit as I know this customer is particularly fun and or exciting to play with and have a skirt and heels on to help me feel more sexy and flirty and frankly to be a bit more “accessible” if I get really stimulated. I actually broke down and bought a couple of ridiculously short skirts that I wouldn’t dare wear out of my room for just such times (they were on sale). I have even picked up a pair of heels sort of like the “fuck me” heels that B&G sell that I love so much in SL. They are completely impractical and other than wearing them in my room and showing them off to a couple of my friends, I still haven’t found and occasion to wear them out of the house yet, but who knows at least I can now walk in them without falling over!
My philosophy on Second Life sex now is simple, if not exactly practical or mercenary enough to be the top earning escort. If you don’t enjoy it, don’t do it. It should give you pleasure and satisfaction of pleasing your partner or it actually turns you on or it isn’t worth it to me. I see myself as a practitioner of the art of erotic stimulation, but as an artist, my work has to satisfy me first.


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