Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Having been in the erotic fantasy service world for a while now, I have been somewhat puzzled and yes, even a bit disappointed by the willingness of two males to engage in sexual threesomes.
Two or even three girls at a time have not been uncommon (and quite enjoyable) but finding two males that would I could simultaneously service (or be used by) just does not happen. Even when I have visited the free sex sites (not for very long as the barrage of propositions becomes quickly wearing), I just haven’t seen this happen. As this is a reoccurring theme in porn, the innocent girl being doubly penetrated and even at the same time performing oral or even in some cases doubly penetrated, giving oral and simultaneously jerking two guys off, I would have thought and at times even hoped that guys in the safety and anonymity of SL would leap at this chance.
Sadly I have been let down by what I can conclude as this male homophobia of expressing sexual arousal in the presence of another male. The male machismo does not seem to allow another male to know that he is genuinely aroused aside from the crude joking made somewhat apprehensively by some of the men visiting the school and found surrounded by several extremely attractive (and accommodating young ladies) are as far as they are willing to express.
I though at least that one of the more clever men might have come up with the idea of running a second AV to engage this fantasy, but as yet, I have not come across anyone clever or creative enough to fulfill this fantasy.
I imagine I could bully some of the weak minded male submissives into paying me to accommodate into playing out this fantasy, however the weak minded and easily manipulated do not interest me. In fact, I find I generally find them irritating. Maybe that is why most of the domes specializing in the manipulation and exploiting of the pathetic males who seek out their abuse always seem so pissed off. The constant irritation must wear out their nerves so they are perpetually angry. Despite their insistence on how much this amuses them, the amusement never lasts long before they are in another tirade over something most would think inconsequential. I find this more than a little unsettling and a rather sad way to explore this fantasy world, therefore I avoid contact with this group as much as practical. They provide a service and if they are willing to tax themselves in providing this to the most pathetic and weak, more power to them.
More importantly, where are the clever and imaginative males that might like to explore the pleasure of simultaneously servicing an attractive girl? With the popularity of bukake in porn I would have thought coating me in multiple coats of cum by two or more men would have occurred by now. It’s SL guys. Shake off that homophobia. Are you afraid that some sperm will splash on you and turn you gay? Let’s not waste all those MMF, MFM, FMM options available on the better sex beds! I even purchased a ring for that bukake experience, which I now hope hasn’t been lost forever in inventory limbo.
If you are downloading all that in porn why not play it out? This is an opportunity guys. Get over your fears and let’s really explore the limits.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Just Catching Up On Some Reading

I am still around just been busy.