Monday, April 5, 2010


On a visit to another bloga while back inspired me to travel to a couple of the more scenic sites in SL.
Where better to statrt than the oval office?

Someone peeked in on me as I was touring. I think the smile on his face indicated he enjoyed my visit.

and then with a quick change of clothes (while the secret service were watching).

Actually this was a pretty nice bit of work with a lot of secret service and Marine guards to dodge around (and offer my rate card too).
If you have ideas or recommendations for other scenic sites to visit let me know.


Zimmi said...

*smiles* now where could I have seen that before? Well, Mags has disappeared but I'm sure she's honored to have inspired you. *hugs*

Ravik said...

Okay, let me catch my breath for a moment... Ooooh boy... Hot Stuff you are!

Okay, here's some suggestions for picture locations.

That's the home of the Conservative Movement in SL. They have a lovely island which includes a memorial to Ronald Reagan, a statue of Teddy Roosevelt and a replica of the Washington monument, among other things. All of which could be much improved by the appearance of a scantily clad young lady.

Yep, a replica of the Battleship Yamato! Save the hapless American fleet by appearing nude on the bridge of the mighty Battleship Yamato and leaving the Japanese hopelessly distracted!

Last are horses, beautiful rendered and very realistic horses. Just the kind girls love. Well, just the kind that guys love to see with sexy girls riding them.

Have fun with these!

Cherry said...

She did, although I wasn't as bold as she. I might get a bit bolder at other sites :)

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