Sunday, July 25, 2010

It Has Been Too Long

And my apologies for being the neglectful blogger.
As was suggested quite a while ago I have made a couple of side SL trips

First a stop at GOP headquarters (I couldn't resist popping in there)

Then I was curious about this model of the battleship Yamamota Ravik referred me to so I Made a visit there. This is a very impressive bit of SL artistry.

The scale of this work is so impressive it's worth a tour

Then in the interest of greater exploration I visited the lunar lander

Lastly but certainly not least I had to take a peek at a dear friends latest creation. If you are looking for a castle that is sure to stun your guests check out the Castle of Fortitude. I was overwhelmed by the scale and detail of this work (even already knowing the builder is an incredible artist)

The teenie speck by the doors, is me, to give you some idea of the scale of this thing.
It is available on SLX

But I believe you really must visit it and tour it to really appreciate what a work of art this is

A that will give you a little bit to go on. Again my apologies

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Ravik said...

It has indeed been too long, but it was worth the wait! I always knew there was a wild red head somewhere inside of you.

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