Sunday, August 22, 2010


I was a bit restless the other day so I decided to explore some peoples picks in there profiles (and not just for clothing!) and I ran across a couple of places that tickled my fancy.
The first was DarkDharma Avatar Isle

Some very cool and unusual avatar choices for those creatively minded and in a nice layout worh a walk around. They even have a gift box with some cool little toys in it. Yay!

Speaking of toys, next, I was happy to find Gypsy Gadgets, Gypsy Falls (186, 49, 22)
Some uber cool toys.

This is a very very evil place for an impulse shopper like myself and now I'm stuck trying to find places for a number of gadgets I found there. If you have been to gadget shops before and found them so incredibly laggy to the poing of frustrating you to tears, this is a pleasant exception. Because of lean design and a lot of space that is economically yet beautifully designed, I noticed little to no lag. Check it out!
On the Cherry18 front, our headmistress is back in action and working hard to make Cherry18 even better (hard to believe yes but true).
We are trying some new things adding a few attractions for the girls and guests to play with and of course we are tackling the notorious lag monster.
So Stop on in :)

And by the way, If you notice my last picture....Ivey Deschanel must be evil! Her shop Sn@tch makes my lindens disappear so rapidly!! No the clothing is not that expensive, in fact it it very resonably priced and she gives you so many options, it is irresistable.
So remember Decadent Designs, Danika Design and Sn@tch this week!!!

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