Friday, August 13, 2010


Okay one of the stations has been playing a lot of Kevin Kline movies and ths scene makes me laugh every time.


Ravik said...

Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't dance hmmmm? Check out a copy of True Lies sometime and watch him have sex with Tia Carrere on the dance floor.

True men not only dance, but it's an important part of the seduction of a young female prior to mating.

Come to think about it, dancing is such an important part of the mating ritual, it could be argued that you CAN'T be a true man, unless you CAN dance.

Cherry said...

Oh I quite agree (although I believe that Arnold needed a lot of takes to get it to look that good).
I am trying to picture Clint Eastwood dancing, John Wayne certainly never did okay maybe James Bond.......

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