Sunday, September 12, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

With the demise of Emerald what viewer to use?
Do I trust the new Phoenix team, not 100%, but I give them the benefit of the doubt, for now, and they do have the LL blessings at present.
The Emergence viewer as far as i can tell was never meant to be more than a stop gap solution and now that Phoenix is up and running and will be hopefully maintained scrupulously, Emergence seems impractical.
I ran across the Ascent Viewer, which in the past had it's own share of problems with rumors of being a malicious viewer and so on, but apparently cleaned so it is now on the approved TPV list.
I have tested them both out and, at least for now, I am favoring the Ascent Viewer.
No having anything to to do with trust or any of that, it just seems to work a bit more reliably than Phoenix (bouncing boobs very inconsistent in Phoenix-if i can get them to work at all).
It looks and feels much like the old Emerald and the now Phoenix and i just want to be able to get my boobs to jiggle if I want.

I took these two pictures, one on the Phoenix the other on the Ascent and I cant see a quality difference.
So Emerald is dead. Long live Phoenix. Phox and Arabella are banished and rumored to be plotting on “Virtual World Web” and the world has continued spinning SL did not come to and end and the pixel world still revolves without their drama, stupidity and a bit of racism (If you listen to the recordings on Youtube you will hear that sneak out) and let us look for a brighter future (okay even I gagged on that last bit of Pollyannaish hype).
Better said regarding Emeraldgate, "Move along nothing to see here".
P.S. In the pictures, the top is from Nyte & Day, the skirt is from Sn@tch(part of an outfit called Kick and Fling), the hair is from Truth and the shoes are from N-Core.

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