Thursday, December 30, 2010

Counting Down!!

The Holidays have been mad busy for me and I have of course neglected this forum for expressing myself.
So to bring you up to date:
I have been occupied with applicants to become Cherry18 girls. I think anyone to visits the school will be duly impressed. The chemistry at the school has been so great. Beautiful fun girls and well experienced in SL. You wont find a better group of girls in SL.
I have been working with our Headmistress on expanding and better promoting the voice chat escorts at Cherry18. We are working to make them more visible, accommodate there unique needs and still be true to our most loyal foundations and base. Integrating voice and text services can be a tricky problem. I have seen many clubs where the core constituency was voice chat shrivel and die or become so enmeshed in the drama that they have imploded. But before I get off on that soap box......
I have been getting a bit more involved in shows with Lightning Productions, back up singer or dancer and a couple of spotlight roles, Nicolette Larson for the Doobie Brothers Production and Marianne Faithful for the Rolling Stones. It has been great fun!! we have a Pink Floyd show on New Years Day so look it up.
Another of my closest and dearest friends is rebounding after some setback and is back more active in SL and I couldn't be happier.
The New Year is looking very bright!


Oh and the Cherry18 Mall is growing. if you want some very sweet and sexy things, check it out!

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