Monday, December 26, 2011

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Playing In Pictures

Always have a desire to show off my new graphics, so I went into a studio to take a few pictures and show what they can do without any photoshop magic.

I particularly like the Kinky Girlscout pictures.
Danika Designs seems to read my kinky little mind...
I think these pictures might inspire a story. Want to buy some cookies mister?

Sunday, October 9, 2011


I finally broke down and upgraded my graphics card on my computer. Had a couple friends give me some good advice and suggestions and now zoom. I am on SL with settings cranked to high and I still have very little lag and relatively crash free now (aside from the ones caused by LL and there ongoing if it isn't broke break it upgrades).
So trying some new looks and skins out to see which looks best with the settings on high.

Not to mention the concerts I do with Lightning Productions look much better!!

Oh and shopping in my Sexy Schoolgirl look tends to draw attention away from my shopping and on to satisfying some naughty babysitter, daddy's girl and wild child student fantasy!

So many older guys want to know if I remembered my panties. Well for the purpose of relieving tension. For these pictures, I am and they are lacey and white with little pastel flowers.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Gleeking It Up

I particularly love this clip as it features Naya Rivera singing and of course Harry Shum, Jr. and Heather Morris dancing. Im looking forward to this on DVD. It's just good fun.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New Pics

Just because I haven't posted any of the newer pictures of me since I've gone to the pixie cut and as you can see my summer tan has already faded thanks to Curio.

And Yay for the new season of Glee!!
More character development and stories and less emphasis on big guest stars!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Yeah A New Little Story

Movie Time
We were sitting in the back of the theater. It wasn’t really a date, but Kevin had been so nice helping me get through algebra, when he hinted about the movie I didn’t have the heart to say no.
He wasn’t exactly good looking but even though skinny and a bit awkward, he still had had a sort of cute geekish thing about him that I found sweet.
Maybe I should have thought more about what I chose to wear. I didn’t really mean to dress like a tease on our non-date date (or did I?).
Well there In my short denim skirt. It came modestly enough to almost half way over my thighs when standing, but when sitting it tended to ride up so I had to be careful, not to just let anyone see up my skirt. The halter top wasn’t really all that tight, but it was I guess it was maybe a bit thin and that was confirmed when Kevin picked me up and he couldn’t help but stare. I’m pretty sure he could see the pink bow on my bra through the flimsy material.
Well there we were sitting in the back of the dark movie theater watching this super hero action movie and it was definitely not as good as it was hyped up to be. My attention began to wander and apparently Kevin was not much impressed with the movie either as I glimpsed over it seemed his attention was more on my legs and my skirt than the movie. He was sweet enough at least to try and be discrete about it and not obviously oogling, but still, when ever i would look over at him, his eyes were invariable on my thin creamy thighs and NOT the movie.
I smiled to myself, a bit more pleased with his reaction than I expected. I’d never though of him in “that” way before. The most he had gotten from me was a friendly peck on the cheek thanking him after a long tutoring session, but now sitting through a frankly boring movie, I found his attention to my body, kind of funny and a bit exciting.
when I shifted my position in my seat and my skirt rose up higher on my thighs, I didn’t bother to tug it back down, preferring to pretend, he might not be able to glimpse a flash of my panties now and then.
Kevin seemed to have much more difficulty pretending to watch the movie and shifted uncomfortably in his seat and it was clear why when I looked over at him. He was sporting a pretty impressive boner bulging in his jeans!
Boredom, a sweet sort of cute boy next to me and a dark theater and my mind started to whir.
I placed my hand on his thigh, casually but very close to his bulge and whispered in his ear a question about the movie. Very close as my lips gently brushed his ear and that combined with my warm breath in his ear and my fingers lightly touching his thigh had he expected result. Kevin almost jumped out of his seat in embarrassment.
I giggle “It’s okay” as my hand rubbed his thigh and I flicked my tongue in his ear. Kevin moaned audible and I giggled as my soft slender fingers cupped his hard on through his jeans. I smiles as he looked into my eyes in amazement as my fingers tugged his zipper down. He looked around almost panicking as my fingers slid into his not too tight jeans and wrapped over his cock. Kevin closed his eyes holing his breath. I looked around and noticed the young girl sitting in front of us peeking around at us. She was slim and pretty with silky gold hair and had a bemused smile as she watched me pull Kevin’s surprisingly large cock from his pants.
Poor Kevin. This was too much for him. I had barely stroked his cock more than a minute before his whole body stiffened and he erupted a hot stream of cum. Shooting all over my hand falling on my skirt and thighs and I grinned to notice a few streams of cum in the blonde silky hair of the girl in front of us. Kevin began to sputtered whispers of apology, till I leaned over kissing him deeply my gooey fingers still wrapped over his shrinking cock.
Then looking up I saw the pretty young blonde still staring surprised but now grinning. I grabbed the back of her hair with my cum covered fingers and pulled her into a kiss, which she accepted eagerly.
Breaking the kiss reluctantly, I looked back at Kevin, the shock on his face was so funny. I then winked grinning broadly and gestured to the slim blonde strange girl to come with me. Holding her small hand in my still gooey fingers we walked to the theater bathroom still wearing thin strands of cum dripping down my thigh and skirt and I giggles into her ear, “I think he will be ready for round 2 buy the time we get back. She pulled back briefly looking surprised but then grinned broadly and held my gooey fingers more tightly as we walked through the lobby to the restrooms.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


I slipped on a short denim skirt I had hemmed till it barely covered my bottom, held my bra for a brief moment and tossed it. Instead, I pulled on a very small Hello Kitty tee shirt I hadn’t worn since I was 10, that let my midriff show, slipped on a pair of sexy heels daddy didn’t know I had bought at the mall and looked at myself in the mirror. Sweet sensations stirred in my tummy. I felt a warm tingle as my nipples hardened against the thin cotton material. My perky nipples stiffened under then thin material. Then I smiled thinking about how the boys at school would react if they could see me now.

I bounced, downstairs, to the living room and walked brazenly into the room where Daddy was comfortably stretched out on the couch sipping a cold beet and watching a ballgame.

"Hi Daddy. Where is everyone?" I asked. Daddy's attention was suddenly yanked from the TV, as stared unbelieving at me, my little hardened nipples poking into the 'very tight' tee shirt I wore! Stammering, "Your mother went shopping for the day", Daddy said.

"So it’s just you and me for the day?," I giggled. Daddy hugged me, I couldn't help feeling small next to his huge frame. I returned his hug with enthusiasm. "I love you so much, Daddy!" My small perky breasts mashed against his sensitive stomach. We held the hug for a little longer than usual this time, but both of us knew it and neither minded.

"Sit with me and watch the game, Honey." I smiled up at him demurely. "Oh Daddy, you know these dumb games bore me." Daddy's eyes were fixed on my nipples that were trying to poke holes though the flimsy material. "Yeah, I know, but I was kinda hoping we could snuggle like we use too." I thought about if for half a second. "Okay, Daddy."

Daddy held his arm up so I could snuggle in the crook of his armpit, and curled my slender legs beneath me. I could smell warm sweat and beer. It was only noon and he'd 3 beers judging from the empties on the table. I smiled up at him and then nuzzled into the crook of his big arm.
As we sat there, his attention seemed more on me than the game. I noticed him gazing an my slender coltish legs and smiled to myself. Daddy gradually moved his arm and hand around my shoulder to slide down my back. The slight increase in weight caused my upper body to slowly slide down the front of him. His heart beat faster as my head approached his stomach, while his hand was now in perfect position to run across my breast and grazed my sensitive nipple. He must have thought, I had drifted off.

Slowly, I adjusted my position, until my head was comfortably in his lap. As I lay there, breathing softly and directly towards his crotch, I began to feel a stirring,and what a stirring it was. I could feel my own heart beating noticeably faster. "Oooooooo," I thought excitedly. "Come on, Daddy. Show your little girl how big your cock really is." I blushed as I thought this, but it didn’t deter me. The bulge of his cock pressed into my cheek continued to grow. I carefully rearranged my head on his lap, as though it was a natural reaction in my sleep, to position my face so the side of my mouth was directly over the largest hunk of his huge cock.

I know Daddy had completely forgotten the game on TV by now, and was in a full blown sweat, and a full blown hard on. He was trembling all over. Daddy moved his hand over my breast and squeezed it. As he did, I opened my big blue eyes and looked surprisedly up into his. He froze and stared unbelieving and blushing at me!
Softly, I whispered, "Daddy, It's okay, it felt good." I slid my hand up his leg and wrapped my small slender fingers over the head of his large hard cock.

"Oh baby, but it’s wrong. You shouldn't be doing that" As he sat there held captive by my wide innocent eyes, my pink pouty lips, I cautiously reached for his belt buckle and slowly pulled his zipper down. Stunned, he sat there, hardly able to breath. I slipped my soft little hand inside his pants and firmly took hold of his long hard cock. He gasped hoarsely "Oh baby doll."

I couldn't get it out with just one hand, so while still gazing into Daddy’s eyes, I worked my other hand in to help free the hard shaft. It was8 inches long at least. I slid off the sofa and onto my knees between his legs, gazing into Daddy’s disbelieving eyes I began to stroke its full length, I smiled in what I thought would be a seductive manner. The look on his face told all. His little girl’s pouty lips and small mouth servicing his hard cock?!

I slowly licked the palms of my hands, one at a time, and gently worked them up and down his long thick shaft. I looked up into my adoring father's eyes and purred hungrily. "Ooooooooo, Daddy! What a nice,big cock you have", I giggled.

Before he could respond, I closed my eyes and slipped the swollen head of his cock between my warm lips and into my hot, wet mouth. "Mmmmph good" I managed to mumble approvingly, as I tasted the precum that began to ooze from the tip of the soft velvety head. The inside of my mouth was soft and wet, like he'd never felt before. Effortlessly, I slid the first 5 inches of his rod to the back of my throat, pausing slightly to suck hungrily. Then, Daddy gasped as I began working my way down towards the base of his gorgeous cock. My lips clung tightly around the shaft as I inched my way down its length, lubricating it with my very talented tongue. My warm saliva ran down the sides of his cock and over his balls. I sensed that he could have cum in 10 seconds, but he was trying desperately to make this last as long as possible.

Moaning against his prick, then sliding it briefly out of my mouth, I gasped. "Oh Daddy, I love your cock in my mouth. I slapped the wet head against my cheeks and chin playfully. My sexy mouth was wet with saliva and his precum. Then I turned my attention back to licking and sucking the entire length of his cock. At the base I slipped my tongue out to lightly lick at his balls. Then I let all but the big purple head slip out from between my soft wet lips. The sight of his cock disappearing completely into my mouth and down my throat was too much for him. There was no way he was going to be able to hold out much longer.
He kept pulling my hair away from my face so he could watch his insatiable little girl suck and deep throat his long throbbing cock. I began to squeeze his balls with one hand while jerking his rod with the other, following my lip strokes with my tight hand motions. This was too much for him, and he began to moan in anticipation of great release. Taking my mouth away momentarily I begged lustfully. "Please, Daddy…..Fill my mouth with your hot cum."

He reached down and grabbed a handful of my hair painfully, and jammed my hot mouth back around his now throbbing prick. I returned to sucking on his huge swollen shaft. I could feel his balls tremble in my palm. I gave them one final squeeze, sending him over the edge. I could feel cum shooting up from his balls and out into my waiting mouth. He could hear my little slurping noises, as I tried to not gag on all that hot cum he was pumping into hungry young mouth.

"Don't swallow yet", he moaned. "I want to see my load in that pretty mouth of yours, Baby Doll!" I held my lips as tight as I could around the head of his cock, my little mouth full of his warm cum, there was just so much that some more of Daddy’s warm cum began to leak out between my pink lips and down my chin, dripping onto my creamy firm tits. I pumped every last drop of fluid from his throbbing dick. I thought about how slutty and sexy I must have looked there…on my knees….. my daddy’s cum dripping from my lips and chin, so I held the pose for daddy to remember. I opened my small mouth wide so he could see his warm creamy load filling my mouth before swallowing the salty semen.

Then, I slowly licked each of my fingers clean right there in front of him. When the last shudders of his climax faded away, I gently kissed the creamy head of his cock and skipped back upstairs to my room.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


what to talk about? So much has happened.
Bin Laden is still dead.
Republicans appear as capable of shooting themselves in the foot as Democrats and no candidate for president seems to take the lead.
The US hit the 14.29 trillion dollar limit, and the president ask for a higher credit limit. Maybe I should try that with my bank and my Mastercard....
Harold Champis was wrong, again and no rapture and I had so much post rapture looting planned!
Glee is over till this fall *sad face* and the finale was actually a bit of a musical let down.
In SL Cherry18 is rocking. I get so many applications and i have to screen looking only for the best most experienced and hottest of the hot. Copycats come and go. A lesson to be learned for anyone attempting to steal or duplicate. It's impossible. There are too many intangibles and variables that our success is impossible to replicate.
we have a new sexy Dj live at Cherry18 on Monday nights!! Check DJ Tabby out!

On a more important note. Happy Memorial Day and heartfelt gratitude to all the brave service people.

Party Time!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Trying Some Different Looks

and played with the environmental editor. Yeah I'm slow on some things, but when I learned I could set the lighting so I could finally be rid of the damned face lights, I found my courage.

also....made a little trip to the Eiffel Tower in SL. This is a very impressive bit of design. I don't think they would approve of the one picture though. I had to snap that one quickly.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


So busy this blog getting neglected again. So a few quick updates.
The Cherry18 is thriving. Some wonderful new girls have been enrolled enriching our already outstanding lineup of some of the hottest girls you will find in SL.
I have been preparing for another Lightning Productions show coming up this weekend.
And I have been playing in Gimp photo editing a bit more.

I did do a little experiment in my helicopter.

These were taken at one of the many airports in SL. I had to be rather careful as these people tend to take their flying quite seriously and i wasn't sure flying topless wouldn't get me shot out of the sky.
Flying in SL can be a very fun experience, but the freedom of pulling off my shirt and riding the joystick of my helicopter till I was dripping was an exciting bit of fun (admittedly that none of the airports I have visited would condone).

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I know, I have taken far to long to post this, however, I need to get the word out on how much I loved the "Original Songs" on Glee. Loser Like Me is my anthem to any and all that that have or may try and detract me from my goals.
I have put up with a lot getting to where I am today and I only wish I had had this song to blast some of people trying to build themselves with useless attempts to keep me down. So this is dedicated to all those who have just made me stronger.

Just go ahead and hate on me and run your mouth
So everyone can hear
Hit me with the words you got and knock me down
Baby, I don't care
Keep it up, I'm tunin' up to fade you out
You wanna be
You wanna be
A loser like me
A loser like me

Sunday, March 20, 2011


The devastation that the Japanese people are suffering with is beyond our ability to comprehend, but we can help. There are relief concerts and activities going on all through Second Life. One very easy way to give and help is by buying the Relief Teddy Bear
It's time to show your true worth so give generously.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dirty Sex Anyone?

It has been brought to my attention that most of my posts of late have run to the PG at the best and I have not been expressing some of my better graphic thoughts.
No better time than to preview the return of Cherry18 Girl’s School and Clubhouse’s “Dirty Alley”. Visitors to GSC when we were located in Yongchon, may fondly or nastily remember the alley beside the school, where many a girl and yes, yours truly, would sometimes find themselves in at the mercy of some of the most depraved horny visitors of the school.
Image this sweet innocent Cherry being forced to her knees on the concrete looking up with glistening eyes as some strong dark stranger forced his throbbing cock past her sweet pink lips, then with a brief gag, feeling that long hard cock slide down my throat. Added to this humiliation any visiting stranger could witness this scene as the stranger rips my school blouse off. Buttons clinking onto the pavement as his calloused hands roughly knead my sweet firm breasts. Noticing a voyeur watching me being defiled making my pink nipples hardening embarrassingly as I am forced to give this stranger a blow job for anyone to see.
It does not end there as I am pulled to my feet, then bent over against a foul smelling dumpster and I feel those rough hands flipping my plaid skirt over my sweet pink bottom. Wincing slightly as I feel my panties ripped down and my legs are forced open. I feel the hard throbbing cock rubbing over the lips of my pink smooth slit and then I cry out as I feel the hot hard rod piercing me...........
Yes the Dirty Alley is back and this sweet Cherry is happy for it, because as you know the best cherries are sweet and juicy just as I am feeling right now. So I will excuse my self for some sweet self gratification.......or maybe I will head down to the local 7-11 and take the unsuspecting nerdy, but kind of cute clerk behind the store for a quick bit of relief.
What do you think I should do?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I had to wait to post this as I wanted very good audio and video quality. Then I had trouble typing as this scene still makes me cry. It is so tender and touching. One I was so happy to see Gwyneth Paltrow aka Holly Holiday back, but this song which have loved for a long time now touched my heart and I cannot hear it now without seeing the loving and pained looks between Santana and Brittnay out of my head.
If this does not bring a tear to your eye, see a cardiologist, because you have no heart.

Total girl crush on Brittnay and now Santana?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Politics Gone Stupid

As you have probably noted in my usual blogger babble, I do not often get into the issue of politics, however the ongoing new coming out of Wisconsin and the insane analysis from Fox News (and any other conservatively bent media) has prompted me to come out in full support of the Democratic representatives attempting to thwart Governor Scott Walker's legislation that would strip teachers and public employees of most collective-bargaining rights.
Mostly I am outraged with the conservative political pundits' view that teachers are over paid, have an easy job and should make the sacrifices that the conservatives are unwilling to inflict on the couples earning $250,000,or even the hedge fund managers and bankers that nearly destroyed our economy requiring billions of dollars in government bailouts. Requiring CEOs of the firms that screwed our economy royally to to take a pay cut is out of the question. So let's get the money out of the teachers!!
How much insanity are we going to listen to until we rise up collectively and say enough you morons!
Support the teachers!

On a more light hearted note. Fashion vs firepower? Not a problem in SL if you visit D-Z's Gun Shop.
This is THE place if you want to cut through zombies like a weed cutter on high. The owners are very good people and helped me get the fit and size of my guns to fit my demanding tastes, so this makes it well spent lindens. Great looking guns with all the firepower you could desire and supporting some very good merchants!

These are my new "Mini Redemptions" Dual Chain Gun Revolvers

Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Look and a Concert

Yeah a bit of a schizophrenic post this time as I am so busy.
Cherry18 has mad some enhancements as well as bringing in some of the hottest, smartest girls in SL. My mentor registrar is back and this input will only make Cherry18 Girls School and Clubhouse all the better. We have made some improvements in the features in and outside the school, offering up some of the sexiest options if you dare.

Also check out one of the Lightning Productions shows. some of the best music, greatest effects and a more fun time is hard to find. Here's a snap from the end of the Led Zeppelin show...

Also I have been kicking some major zombie butt since picking up a new set of guns from D-Z Creations. I'll try and grab some pictures for the next post.
Okay time to get back to my studies before the Academy Awards.
Anne Hathaway co-hostessing!

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Grammy Highlight

But as numerous people have already noted, you might want to ingest your drug of choice before viewing, this was a trip to watch.

Who would have thought that Gwynneth Paltrow would have out shown Lady GaGa

Saturday, February 12, 2011


I know it has been far too long since my last proper post. So much has happened keeping me from my literary duties. First and worse I went down with a bout of that crappy flu which knocked me out of action for almost a week straight. Then had to play major catch up with my studies and get back in the good graces with my professors.
All this minimized my contact in SL and with my little blog. Fortunately I am back to full speed and better than ever.
Cherry18 is totally rocking.
we have such a great group of girls there and the place is mad busy every time I am there. I have been backlogged in the applications and now reviewing them carefully. The quality of girls applying has been remarkable and we are really hoping to nab some more girls round the globe, just hired a lovely new girl from Australia and looking for some more Asian lovelies so spice our international flavor more.
The Cherry18 Mall is exploding. Decadent Design fashions can now be found there, rounding of a top notch line of shops featuring:
Danika Design
Decadent Design
Mech Studio/Mechtoys
Lacour Te
School's Out!
Blow-Up by Lilth Design
Tasty Beans
QT's teen shapes and skins
-JR- Dirty Sex shop

Our other new neighbor a great friend has sparked an old passion of mine and caused me to dust off my guns from playing on some of the combat sims and considering taking up some zombie hunting. He uses them for security and that of course challenges me to seeing if I can break through. I of course informed him of the challenge and he has endorse my efforts and even has provided me a few tips. we will see if he is so happy when I have splattered his security zombies all over his home :).

(oh and btw GLEEKs the return of new episodes has been so worth the wait. More on that later, but lets just say seeing Santana getting thrown around like a rag doll will get more attention.
Ciao for now.

Just Catching Up On Some Reading

I am still around just been busy.