Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Look and a Concert

Yeah a bit of a schizophrenic post this time as I am so busy.
Cherry18 has mad some enhancements as well as bringing in some of the hottest, smartest girls in SL. My mentor registrar is back and this input will only make Cherry18 Girls School and Clubhouse all the better. We have made some improvements in the features in and outside the school, offering up some of the sexiest options if you dare.

Also check out one of the Lightning Productions shows. some of the best music, greatest effects and a more fun time is hard to find. Here's a snap from the end of the Led Zeppelin show...

Also I have been kicking some major zombie butt since picking up a new set of guns from D-Z Creations. I'll try and grab some pictures for the next post.
Okay time to get back to my studies before the Academy Awards.
Anne Hathaway co-hostessing!

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Grammy Highlight

But as numerous people have already noted, you might want to ingest your drug of choice before viewing, this was a trip to watch.

Who would have thought that Gwynneth Paltrow would have out shown Lady GaGa

Saturday, February 12, 2011


I know it has been far too long since my last proper post. So much has happened keeping me from my literary duties. First and worse I went down with a bout of that crappy flu which knocked me out of action for almost a week straight. Then had to play major catch up with my studies and get back in the good graces with my professors.
All this minimized my contact in SL and with my little blog. Fortunately I am back to full speed and better than ever.
Cherry18 is totally rocking.
we have such a great group of girls there and the place is mad busy every time I am there. I have been backlogged in the applications and now reviewing them carefully. The quality of girls applying has been remarkable and we are really hoping to nab some more girls round the globe, just hired a lovely new girl from Australia and looking for some more Asian lovelies so spice our international flavor more.
The Cherry18 Mall is exploding. Decadent Design fashions can now be found there, rounding of a top notch line of shops featuring:
Danika Design
Decadent Design
Mech Studio/Mechtoys
Lacour Te
School's Out!
Blow-Up by Lilth Design
Tasty Beans
QT's teen shapes and skins
-JR- Dirty Sex shop

Our other new neighbor a great friend has sparked an old passion of mine and caused me to dust off my guns from playing on some of the combat sims and considering taking up some zombie hunting. He uses them for security and that of course challenges me to seeing if I can break through. I of course informed him of the challenge and he has endorse my efforts and even has provided me a few tips. we will see if he is so happy when I have splattered his security zombies all over his home :).

(oh and btw GLEEKs the return of new episodes has been so worth the wait. More on that later, but lets just say seeing Santana getting thrown around like a rag doll will get more attention.
Ciao for now.

Just Catching Up On Some Reading

I am still around just been busy.