Thursday, April 28, 2011


So busy this blog getting neglected again. So a few quick updates.
The Cherry18 is thriving. Some wonderful new girls have been enrolled enriching our already outstanding lineup of some of the hottest girls you will find in SL.
I have been preparing for another Lightning Productions show coming up this weekend.
And I have been playing in Gimp photo editing a bit more.

I did do a little experiment in my helicopter.

These were taken at one of the many airports in SL. I had to be rather careful as these people tend to take their flying quite seriously and i wasn't sure flying topless wouldn't get me shot out of the sky.
Flying in SL can be a very fun experience, but the freedom of pulling off my shirt and riding the joystick of my helicopter till I was dripping was an exciting bit of fun (admittedly that none of the airports I have visited would condone).

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Ravik said...

Ahh, you've discovered the joys of nude flying. Pity you didn't have a handsome copilot with you, whose joystick you could have been gripping...

Happy to see a post from you!!

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